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Sad how I’m guilty of all these, I don’t do 9-5, thanks to my crypto obligations, I work round the clock, as long as I’m awake with every free time I have that doesn’t involve manual tasks. What’s the result? Long sitting or laying down hours as I work from my phone so I can be in bed a whole lot in 24hours. Most times I’m conscious of this, so I try to do some walking or running because I’m aware of what’s at stake. But no matter how hard I try, I’m not sure it’s enough, if I’ll have to fix anything, getting an ergonomic chair will be first, but I don’t use a desktop so I’m not sure how that’ll work, except I’ll have to start using one. Im also seriously lagging in social skills, I could stay 3weeks in the house without stepping out, except to take walks alone, I went out last weekend only to realize that I’m not how I used to be socially and it’s scary. I’m not sure how I can make this better. It’s so complicated.

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