Something weird happened on my birthday!!!

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At the beginning of the month of August, I invoked the gods of Splinterlands to make a deal.

I’ll open 30packs of CL packs everyday in return for 1 legendary gold foil dragon.

For the first couple of weeks I opened packs everyday, sometimes 5, but at least 1, on the day of my birthday, I opened 6! Still I found no gold foil legendary monster card! I was very upset and cursed the gods of Splinterlands till I was bored and forgot about it.

Then later that night, I fell into a deep sleep, suddenly I felt all wet and squishy around me, like my bed was dissolving into water and I was sinking into it.


but I was able to breathe, my legs felt like they were conjoined, my lower body had become like the tail of a fish, I was struggling to stand or stay still,


I’d never been a fish before, how the hell did fish stand in water!

While struggling to get a hang of floating, I felt a big mysterious creature swoosh past me, I was scared shirtless, my fish penis tingled and I must have dropped 2 or 3 drops of fish piss.

As I was wiggling in fear, the creature slowly began to get closer to me, when it got close enough, I shut my eyes and waited for the worst, then it let out a child’s laughter! WTH 🫣

I opened one side of my eyes and discovered that the mysterious creature was no child, nor beast, it had a swirling tail, a dull grey headcover, shiny golden belt, elf ears, but somehow, I recognized it, it was the Sea Genie.

Then he said I was Welcome to Splinterlands.
………that he’s a genie looking for his lamp, he was summoned 100years ago during the Great Untamed War……………………………

……….Someone attempted to use his magic powers to cheat which made him vulnerable and got him captured by the Azmare summoners with a dice crafted by the most powerful dark magician, Djinn Muriat, from the palace of bones. That was how he got separated from his lamp and has been searching.

He asked what brought me there and I narrated my story.

He said he could help me, but I had to do something for him in return, I’ll find his lamp. If I did, he’ll tell me where to find my legendary gold foil dragon.

At that point I didn’t even want any gold foil or dragons or anything I just wanted to be home in my bed, waking up to realize it was morning already.

But somehow I said okay.

I can bet you wouldn’t even believe what happened to me next. Keep an eye out for the next post.

Lool! Do you like my lore? Tell me what you think in the comment section…

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😂 I was so invested thinking it was a true life story at first.


Who says it’s not a true life story? 💁🏽‍♀️


Lol, I envy how you put this together bro, sweet and entertaining, and kept me glued for a read till the end.

You deserve a !PIZZA for your sweet lore story.

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6 mo (edited)

Hehehe thank you, you haven’t even seen anything yet. 🙏🙌

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Lol keep me entertained bro

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A nice story you put together there, so captivating and entertaining

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Hehe thanks. I’m glad you were entertained

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