SPS incoming, DEC arising and my progress in the rental market

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One of the best moves I made in my crypto journey was delving into Splinterlands early. With the recent GameFi and NFT craze, my Splinterlands assets have mooned , but this is not why I’m writing this post, if you’ve been reading my Splinterlands posts, you’d know I’ve stopped actively playing for a while now, but something happened, actually two things and I’m glad to tell you that my days of unplaying are over. Splintershards is coming out in a couple of hours and it’s looking super cool already


The management UI is slick and very detailed, I’ve even been able to see my total airdrop points which has been on my mind since forever, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get a nice cut of SPS tokens from the airdrop. The second reason I’ve jumped back into playing is that by winning, I get both DEC and SPS tokens as written in the SPS doc.

Also, starting on Monday, August 2nd, 2021, the Ranked Battles reward pool will be launched allowing players to earn SPS tokens for winning Ranked battles. The Ranked Battles rewards pool will also start at 7.5M SPS tokens per month, or approximately 250k SPS tokens per day, and will be distributed in the same manner as DEC tokens are currently distributed for Ranked battle wins.

The U.I also shows the staking section which allows me to stake my SPS tokens in-game to earn more SPS tokens from staking rewards, using money to make money to make more money style. Lol. I like it. I also love that you can Transfer and Buy SPS without leaving the game. Another reason I’m fully back in the game is the price of DEC. Have you seen the price action of DEC over the couple of days?


I know the DEC is supposed to be loosely pegged as 1000dec=1$, I wrote in a post few days ago that a pumping DEC will be good for the game because playing ranked battles will be more worth it and it happened as I thought. DEC got a little pump over the peg and I was seriously spurred to come back into playing. With the release of SPS, there is a likelihood of the DEC even pumping more as more people want to get into the game to buy assets. Will we be seeing DEC at 1:$1?

I also want to mention the Card Rentals. I’ve been earning around 32DEC per day minus the contracts that have ended, the earnings are undoubtedly on the low side but I can add more cards to probably prop it up, I’m presently only testing it out to see what it looks like, my legendary Dark Haon gold foil was my highest paying card but was quickly discontinued, I guess more rush into the system will get it picked up again because like I’ve always said, the card is lethal, it presently costs over 400$ on the market now, so renting it for a cheap price of 50DEC per day is quite a bargain, I’ll leave the price just as that.


Like I said, I can raise the earnings but I want to be sure I’m not putting the cards I’ll be needing a lot in battles for rent. By the end of this season I’ll be sure of the cards I can put out for rentals. At least 100DEC per day from rentals won’t be bad at all. If I could get more, I’ll be glad.

So, I’m back at playing now and it’s been quite interesting, I’m currently earning about 20DEC per win, which could go up more as I climb higher in the ranking. I’m not yet sure how much DEC I can get per day from playing but I’ll keep my eyes on it and give you guys a feedback.

I’m back y’all, and I’m excited about it. Let’s kick some ass.

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