What Makes Up an Ideal Blockchain? - My Curation APR at 14%!

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My curation APR hits its all time high at 14% yesterday and to be honest, I'm not exactly sure I've done anything much differently than I've been doing, such increase in curation APR normally indicates that one has been curating more and timely so, but is this the case for me? Well, the analytics indicates so, what I'll really like to see in the analytics is a link to the posts curated in another tab right beside the Rewards Tab, what follows should be "Curated post", then " Curation HP", can follow right after.

That way, I can trace the posts I curated and maybe remember how I curated it, so I can through that learn about my curation pattern and maybe adjust where I need to. This past week though, I've only mostly curated posts I like irrespective of the timing or who the post came from, I find it interesting how my curation APR is higher when I'm nonchalant about where my upvotes go than when I am.

It will be amazing to see all that curation timing thing flattened out on Hive like on Leofinance. Maybe such will be considered in 3 hard forks to come.

So, for some reason, Hive.blog hasn't been showing up in my browser for a couple of days now, I've been using peakd and leofinance, so today I decided to play around my peakd wallet, specifically in the Hive-Engine section and I found out that I've been receiving a couple of tokens other than Hive and Leo as a result of holding Bro tokens.

So by holding Bro tokens, I receive Hive, leo, pal, and neox-ag daily, albeit in tiny quantities, and these daily dividends only barely scratch the surface of what the Mancave project entails, now I see why holding a substantial amount of Bro is paramount.

Honestly crypto is sweet if one has funds to throw around and identifies the right project. Just imagine reaching dragon status on Mancave(holding 1000bro tokens) or double dragon status, I bet the daily dividends will be something to write home about. It is interesting that many years ago, this will have been a pipe dream...

When we take a look back at where the Blockchain technology is coming from, where it currently is and where it is going to, it is glaring that humanity is up to something, the possibilities are quite exciting and so are the problems being solved exhilarating, just the other day, we got an announcement from the former developers of Bitshares and Steem Blockchain led by Andrachy(Andrew Levine) about a new Blockchain being born, Koinos blockchain which aims to bring yet another suit of solution to the existing problems in the block-tech world today. Here's the announcement

According to history, every new Blockchain claims to aim to solve an existing problem, but when launched, it begins to encounter entirely new problems of its own. From the inception of Blockchain technology, not one project has had it all figured out, from Scalability to speed to security or from adoption to price or distribution to usability, its either one shortcoming or the other.

What will be the case for an ideal Blockchain? To answer this question, one will need to examine the components of the top existing chains in their capacity, what are the ingredients that will make up a chain that will have it all?

  • Bitcoins security and adoption
  • Ethereums native smart contracts ability
  • EOS speed and model of storage
  • Hive's social contracts and distribution protocol
  • add yours....

Evidently, in this list, however incomplete, one chain is closer to having a better part of each components highlighted and that is Hive, of all the problems plaguing most prominent chains, technically Hive seems to be better equipped to handle their shortcomings, but when it comes to price, Hive falls short in comparism, but for a 8month old chain (if I'm correct), I don't really think that's a problem.

If Hive's price is its only major problem, then Hive is not a chain to be looked down upon compared to what others are facing. Does this then mean Hive is an ideal chain? Maybe not, but it is sure close to being so. Introspectively looking at Hive without comparing it against what's out there, it is a beast in the making. Before you think of selling your hive at these giveaway prices, just remember that, then think again.

Thanks for reading.


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