11 Top-Rated Blockchain Startups....

picture credit 1.Oasis Lab Desert spring labs is guiding the unrest of privatized smart contracts. The venture mixes in a

Risk-Reduction Techniques that is effective for Cryptocurrency Trading

image credit The complete market capitalization of cryptocurrencies rose from $193 billion in January 2020 to $641 billion in December…

Automated trading in a bull market

image credit How could computerized trading help the current market? They can offer an additional layer of s

About ravencoin

picture credit What is Ravencoin? Ravencoin, RVN, is a blockchain that permits the proficient creation and move of tokens starting…

cinetv token (CINE)price update for 28th of march,2021

the cinetv token(CINE) is a native token for the cinetv.io,a wonderful platform where people can talk about topics relating to movies.tv…

The best 10 Derivatives Cryptocurrency Exchanges

image credit The Derivatives are known to be tradable securities or contracts that get their worth from a fundamental resource. Where…
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Just tweeted my reply to CZ: https://twitter.com/onealfa/status/137577 ...

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How cryptocurrencies solve problems in the monetary system.

image credit Bitcoin was made in 2009, proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in his white paper, Bitcoin: A Peer-t

Protect your cryptos from Cryptocurrency Spoofing

picture credit What Is Cryptocurrency Spoofing? Cryptocurrency spoofing is th

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Basics Explained

picture credit In the digital currency world, there are various types of tokens. By this point, you've heard of Bitcoin, stablecoins…

Effective Bitcoin Exit Strategies

image credit In any event, it tends to be hard to get into a Bitcoin exchang

Tesla stake on bitcoin : The Importance It Has to Every Cryptocurrency

picture credit Hi, one of the new information on the day was that Elon Musk has made it conceivable to purchase a Tesla v

The Utility Of Landed Property; What Determines The Need To Buy? (3Speak)

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Use cases for landed properties will keep increasing simply because people are increa

KLEVER to build its own blockchain

image credit Hi, have you at any point known about Klever or Klever wallet? Well the Klever is a kind of Multi-resource wallet…

Why inflation can’t be avoided

picture credit inflation can't be evaded in light of the fact that underconsumption is an unavoidable marvel

How to Set your Goals and Make it into Reality

picture credit we all have dreams and goals??don't we? while we were younger i am sure that most of us have already decided on what…

Online Currency Trading Can actually Change Your Life

picture credit currency trading is a standout amongst other lucrative patterns on the planet nowadays. It is digging in for the long…

Seven habits that a highly effective investor should have

It appeared to be suitable to get and adjust the title of one of the books that have most impacted both my work and individual life, The 7…

what you can do to save money....

picture credit Visa, ATM and bank What we generally use is a charge card for exchanges in case of the need to abbreviate the…

Things that you should actually know before entering cryptocurrency

picture credit Almost certainly, finding out about Cryptos woul