Trevon James Being Sued by the SEC?!?

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Trevon James is a long time cryptocurrency influencer who at one point had more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube before YouTube deleted his channel though he still has a strong following even now, Trevon rose to fame during the BitConnect epoch of cryptocurrency and has since been trying to shake off the bad reputation that it brought him somewhat successfully.


Trevon James has unfortunately become synonymous with the infamous BitConnect ponzi scheme that was alleged to have defrauded investors out of millions of dollars back in 2018 and on the 28th, May 2021 when things seemed to had blown over the SEC filed a lawsuit against Trevon and four others namely; Craig Grant, Joshua Jeppeson, Ryan Maasen and Michael Noble.

If you were to ask me whether Trevon and the four other defendants deserve to be punished my answer would be no, i feel like this would be an unpopular opinion which i really think it shouldn't be, if anyone deseves to be punished it is the founder of BitConnect, my opinion is that Trevon was also a victim of BitConnect and he along with thousands of other people were promoting what they thought was a legitimate product.

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