BTC Loses Momentum as it Fights to Maintain $50k

BTC Chart Summary Right now BTC is hitting the $51K resistance and is sitting in neutral territory. The volume has been light as…

Is Algorand an Ethereum Killer?

Algorand (algo) is still in its early stages, but based on its success so far, it could be a long-term winner. Launched in 2019 algo has…

Algorand blockchain open API connector goes live on the SAP API Business Hub

Algorand, the proof-of-stake blockchain platform, today announced that its open connector API is now live on the SAP Business Hub…

The Winklevoss twins’ Gemini Exchange Lets You Earn Interest on DOGE

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, is going all in on dogecoin. Starting Sunday, the Gemini app…

ALGO at Inflection Point

Algorand price faces a wide area of resistance after surging to $1.70 level. At this point it needs to clear the zone that extends from…

The BTC Pullback is Healthy

BTC may have fell approx. 20% from an all-time high of nearly $65k just over a week ago, but that might be just what we needed to get to…

ALGO Reversal Lays the Ground work for More Declines if Bitcoin Continues Fade

Algorand (ALGO) price closed last week with a mean bull trap that was triggered by Bitcoin's weakness. ALGO fell just below the all-time…

Algorand Price Update

Algorand is one of my favorite coins, but it has taken to the woodshed with most other cryptos over the past 2 days. Algo was a tear…

Jim Cramer Says He Would 'Absolutely' Take Compensation in Bitcoin

source Stock market 'expert' and television personality Jim Cramer was asked this morning if he would be willing to take compensati

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #16

Hello LBE'ers, we have had another fantastic week, earnings are good, off-platform investments are performing well and we announced that…

LeoFinance community Donation Drive - Check for more details

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello LBIer's, last week I wrote about the idea of collectively coming together as a community, not just…

Bitcoin Price Breaks the $60K Resistance

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price neared its all-time high of $61,712 early Saturday. This is the first time BTC traded above $60,000 for the f

Algorand Price

Algorand’s price action has been rangebound like many of the market’s altcoins. It's currently trading at $1.33 with $1.48 being the near…

Facebook Hacked: Another Benefit Of Decentralized Social Media

It seems hacks are a part of life in the digital world. Ever since the Internet went mainstream, this is certainly something that happens…

BTC Price Analysis

BTC is trading at $58,191 at the time of writing this article which means that $60,000 is still acting as a strong resistance leve

Litecoin Looking to Breakout

March wasn’t the best month for Litecoin (LTC), but bullish sentiment has built over the past few days and it looks like we are heading…

Hive Price Update

Hive has had an incredible run and I don't think it is over by a long shot. As of writing this post Hive is trading at $0.80 and it's…

Algorand Price Update

In my last post I described how Algorand is Back Above the 50 Day Simple Moving Average I was looking for a a daily close inside the…

Algorand is Back Above the 50 Day Simple Moving Average

Algorand price fell below the 50 day simple moving average (SMA) for the first time since December 23, 2020 and qucly testes the major…

Beeple’s $69 Million NFT Art Sold to Founder of Crypto Fund Metapurse

NFTs have been all the rage this year. Beeple just sold a NFT for $69 Million. Christie’s said that a cryptocurrency investor based…