Challenges with Leothreads Microblogging, bugs cleared, everyone can now thread. .

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Hello Hive


The day has finally come and with utmost joy I made my first thread.
Just a few word to appreciate the management of the leofinance team for fixing as many bugs as possible to clear the glitches and challenges we were facing with the #Leothreads.

You may not have noticed any of these if you were able to thread the first day.
Alot of us could not.
Some were able to reply threads while myself and others could neither reply nor make a thread.
So we waited patiently for the team to fix this issues and other.
With utmost joy I made my first thread today and guess what its time to thread and participate in getting us the 20k threads per day 🤓.

Lots of contest have been put in place with leo token rewards and others just to get as many of us to thread, I guess it will only be fair if we contribute our own quota to the development of leofinance and hive.
If a team brings such beautiful innovations as this, we can support by doing our parts and work towards the common goal of giving this blockchain more visibility that can attract more investors.

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