My experience of Hives birthday in grand style with tokens short pumps.

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Its exciting to experience yet another's hives birthday and the nostalgia is still intact been a newbie on dead steemit trying find a hold only to be told its time to migrate..

The move was swift and we all search for information on how to move along. Overtime we found it more fun on hive
Several communities came up, a better social experience and a lot of developmental improvement.

Hive came outstanding but for selfish reasons we had the wars, arguments and cross-posting of the same content in the two blockchain until we found out how worthless Steem gets by day and undeserving of our time and efforts.

Another major breakthrough was in token value, gradually I watched the price of hive over take steemit as hiveians were taught and encouraged to stake Hive so we can build a bigger and better blockchain.

That worked perfectly.

The most amazing thing was that we were able to convert our Steem to Hive at a 1:1 ratio back them meaning same value and price for hive and Steem.

Alot of hiveians moved their Steem power to Hive power but guess what?
We still have some who didn't and have lost a whole lot as the value of steemit depreciated over the years.

Indeed hive has emerged outstanding and strong and it is quite interesting to watch what is happening on the blockchain and to its token these days....
And Here is yet another pump on hives birthday

For three consecutive months in this year we have witnessed hive experience short pumps at interval..
Having to see hive move from its bottom price of about $0.3 to a double of that amount before settling to $0.4 in the past three weeks.

Today is just another exciting episode of the pump and as at the time of this writeup Hive is sitting at half a dollar and approaching the $0.6 cents marks, hopefully we could surpass this and settle at a price above that 4cents to half a dollar.

It might just be a slow journey up the ladder until the bear markets gets swallowed up but in the mean times it is cheers to hive blockchain for the many growth and success achieved.

We truly owe it to each other to make hive great.

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