How long it takes to grow wealth or a successful business

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Hello Hive



Crypto has spoiled us, practically everyone. It is thought to be the get rich quick scheme.
Blogging on hive is the worst of them.
Did you see the Leofinance mobile phase app?. It says

Earn your first crypto in 5minutes.

Such an inviting one, who wouldn't want to venture into a business where he can earn his first money in 5minuites.
But the reality of things can never be so.

It takes time and plenty of effort to create wealth.
A successful business can take up to 10years in the building phase before it can generate enough profit capable of making its owner wealthy.

You get scammed trying to get rich quick them you come to say crypto is fake.
Except for hive and others where you get passive income, even in the crypto industry some level of patience and waiting is needed for anyone to make tangible profit.

Depending on the capital input both human and material resources and the nature of business, the length of time to name a business as successful depends on these factors.
Besides no two businesses are the same, you cannot base your business time of success with the time it took for another mans business to become successful.

The management of every business are also among the factors that determine when and how successful any business can be.

Watch out for your business and be patient enough to endure the growth process.

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