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Wow... Unless the standard of living in your country is high $16 is a huge amount here and to think that you can get that per hour.
Minimum wage here is $70per month, that $2 per day and barely a cent per hour...
The work is very very stressful too. You resume by morning and close at night.
Besides the jobs aren't readily available.

If I have your kind of pay here I would be rich without support 🤓.

Maybe standard of living in terms or rent and others may rise up to meet the wages but if all things remain the way they are, your minimum wage can make anyone here get rich easily.

Thanks for your engagement on my post.

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I live in Southern California, the cost of living is ludicrous, though I fully understand that the work (at least the work available for me) is "easy" work, it still needs to pay at least that much to be able to afford life.

The job consisted of sitting in an office (air conditioned) and answer phones, or file paperwork, and send emails out etc.

I know we have it good, so I am not complaining, just noting differences.

My home for example, cost $650,000 and is an "average" sized home, yet on the older side. It was built in the 1950's and needs constant and consistent repairs. I love it, of course, but one would think that $650,000 would equal up to something GRAND, not average.

My four kids and I spend about $1200 a month on groceries. I make sure to buy them as much organic stuff as possible though that's getting tough with inflation.

I also have a home garden. I could do better though, when I was living off of $16 an hour I was spending 696$ on groceries, but there were only three kids back then.

My utilities include water, sewer, gas, electric, phone, internet... about $700 a month

Then there is house insurance (mandatory cause of the mortgage) car insurance (mandatory in california), health insurance (mandatory as well) and those.

We do live nice, and we do enjoy our lifestyle, but we sure do pay for it.

I would say that the people around me all spend about the same amount of money on stuff, though I have four children and that really is an anomoly out here - most people have two, and we are in "big family" territory.

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Wow.... This does mean that you spend almost as much as you earn.
No savings can come out of this.
Well thank God for hive, you can at least have something growing here.
The standard of living is just high and I can understand why you need larger wages.

I really wish you well my dear friend much as I wish that we all have enough money to live a comfortable life.

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Thank you!

It really does start to feel like Monopoly Money after a while.

Here in California we can't really use HIVE to live off of, but believe me, we still need it. It is the first time I have ever been able to truly build a savings.


Besides 4kids isn't too many at all..
I have six siblings. We are 7 from my mum..

The minimum here is still 6kids and above.

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I agree. I love my four kids and wouldn't want life any other way.

6 kids seems like a lot, but large families are beautiful.

I have four kids and its not "normal" but when I was a kid, there were three of us, and that was pretty standard. My parents both came from 6 sibling households.

I wonder how many kids will be "normal" where you are in just a few generations.