Why you should consider a hive investment. Hive performance in recent dip

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Hello Hive.



If you are not active on hive blockchain or haven't been onboard hive you may find it difficult to consider investing in hive blockchain.
Investment in this blockchain comes in various format and sometimes you need to invest only you time and intellect, this is something not many will understand.
With absolutely zero naira you can come onboard, dedicate a little time to blog or game and earn.
You can build a fortune on hive with absolute zero dollar investment.

While we have people who have succeeded in doing this, other investors who have are seriously engaged in other activities would rather invest their money into the blockchain.
Since there exist a system where they can put their money to work through staking and earn more on it without them actively participating.
This is more so when you can even join curation trail who will do the Curating on your behalf while you get back passive income from these curation trail.

These and many more are the various reasons why you should consider a hive investment.

  • The ease of joining the blockchain.

  • The leisure of Picking a contract from any of the passive income and High paying APR you want.

  • The performance of hive token.
    Hive performance cannot be underrated in both bulls and bear market. We have witnessed hive been stronger and even more bullish in a bear market as compared to the performance of bitcoin and others.
    Both the developers and hive cleaners and everyone onboard are all working and contributing their best to the development of the block chain. I may not be too sound in this knowledge but you will always notice the addition of quality developments in gamings, videos and even in the second layer tokens on the blockchain
    And if you will ask me what time is best to invest in hive, I would say now is the best time.
    Invest either your money or time into the blockchain, choice is yours.

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This is an intelligent piece on investing on hive. I picked a point while reading; our time is a big investment on hive and that time starts now.

And I assure you, the future of hive is very beautiful if our time is invested here. Our time, yield productivity.

Thank you @monica-ene for this wonderful piece.I appreciate.