How To Earn SPT With Your Splinterlands Posts And Get Daily SPT and SPS Payouts

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What Is SPT?

The Splintertalk token SPT was created by Splinterlands as a Hive-Engine tribe on the second layer of HIVE during the first year of the game. It was originally gifted to all Mavericks (players that bought over 500 booster packs) who actively requested it on Discord in sizes of 100,000 SPT each. It can be staked and used for upvoting Splinterlands content in the same way HIVE does on the main layer. The rewards are splitted 50/50 between the author and the curators and paid out entirely in liquid SPT tokens.

There has been no other use-case for SPT up until now, with the ongoing Splintershards (SPS) airdrop. This has made SPT very valuable recently. In the future we will see fanart NFT creation for Splinterlands and potentially even an in-game skin NFT market, that is using SPT as its main currency.


Your Friendly SPT Delivery Service

The @monster-curator project was started in late 2019 by me, @flauwy, who was joined by @abrockman. Both of us invested early into SPT when only few really cared about it because we believed in Splinterlands and the power of its community.

Our true work of manually curation on a daily basis started in September 2020, after was finally migrated from STEEM to HIVE. We partnered up with @zaku and @reazuliqbal from, who created a Discord voting bot for us and another bot for our automated daily SPT distribution. By offering a 100% return to our delegators, we quickly collected around 50% of the entire SPT power that is currently staked.

With that much power we were able to put a lot of SPT into the hands of great content creators over the past year and make the trending page of Splintertalk the go-to place to find the best Splinterlands content.

We hope you staked your SPT and delegated it to us to earn even more of it. The ongoing Splintershards (SPS) airdrop of Splinterlands has made that very profitable for all SPT stakeholders. One SPT token counts as 0.25 airdrop points for SPS for 355 more days.

Our team of curators has been growing with @marianaemilia and @r1s2g3, who help to upvote the steadily growing content about Splinterlands.


Why Earning SPT With Upvotes Is So Valuable

It has never been more profitable to blog about Splinterlands an HIVE. Each time you post from any frontend like, or and you use the tags #splinterlands or #spt, your post becomes eligible for SPT upvotes. If you create a decent post with a meaningful title, cover image and a few hundred words, you will very likely get a visit from @monster-grinder.

Every 2000 SPT upvote is worth 1000 SPT for the author (and 1000 SPT for the curators). At the current price of SPS and SPT, these 1000 SPT are worth $5 in SPS airdrops and 20 HIVE when you would sell them today. Our 100% upvote is worth 7000 SPT at full voting power - reserved for the very best content!

When you stake und curate (yourself or via us), you can earn a large amount of SPT curation rewards over the year (I don't have the current APR but it is probably higher than 30%), further increasing your SPS airdrops. You can additionally stake your earned SPS and earn staking rewards of currently 365% APR (which will go down over time as more people stake SPS).

Finally, you can earn HIVE and further Hive-Engine tokens next to SPT, which can add another significant value to each of your posts.


How To Delegate SPT To Monster-Curator

To earn daily curation rewards with SPT you need to stake it and upvote daily your favorite Splinterlands content. If you don't have time or interest in doing that yourself, we will do it for you. In that case you need to delegate your staked SPT to us.

There are several frontends and tools that allow you to stake and delegate, sadly currently only has the staking feature available in the wallet. You have to use the wallet on one of the second layer exchanges for HIVE, which are LeoDEX, Hive-Engine or Tribaldex.

My favorite is LeoDEX, because you save 75% on the deposit and withdrawal fees for HIVE. Below you see screenshots from LeoDEX but it looks similar on Hive-Engine and Tribaldex.

Stake SPT

First you need to look for SPT among the other second layer tokens in your wallet and check if you have liquid SPT available. You can see that under BALANCE. Then click on the button with the lock icon on the right side to stake your token.

A module will pop-up where you enter the amount you want to stake. Your own username should be preselected but always make sure to stake to yourself and not to somebody else, which is a feature on the HIVE blockchain.


Delegate SPT

After you successfully staked your SPT, you will see your SPT under the STAKED section of the wallet. Now you can click on the button with the arrow pointing up-right to open the delegation module.


In the module you see your available stake in SPT. Click on the number to enter the entire amount into the amount field, or enter it manually. Enter the receiver of the delegation, in this case @monster-curator into the white field labeled "To". Double check the spelling and amount and click on "Delegate SPT". (You can always undelegate which will take 5 days until your staked SPT becomes accessible to you again.)


That's it! Within the next 24-48 hours (depending on the time you delegated) you will receive your first automated daily payout.

Happy SPT and SPS farming!


Thanks for the breakdown on how to delegate SPT. Very useful to have the walkthrough and just did it - cheers!

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Hi @fwxiii! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @monster-curator
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

As someone who just recently started playing Splinterlands in the last few days and has been looking at ways to improve my Airdrop and be involved in the community, what do you recommend newcomers like me do to earn SPT?
Aside from making posts that get upvoted, are there other ways? Being in the discord perhaps(if there is one?) Thank you!

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There is the Splinterlands Discord where we all hang out:

Writing Splinterlands content is pretty much the only way to earn SPT at the moment, which includes comments as well. You can do fanart, guides, analysis of cards and Splinterlands tokens, financial posts about Splinterlands ecosystem, do the weekly battle challenge from Splinterlands and post your battles and so on. Don't do boring stuff like sharing a screenshot from your rewards with one sentence and expect any upvotes. Only when the post shows some effort and is somehow interesting/relevant for the Splinterlands community, you will get an upvote. Check out the trending page to get an idea what we are looking for.


Hoy por primera vez publique un fanart y no sabía que existía esto. Espero aprender más porque me gustaría seguir creando personajes basándome en el original. Saludos y muchos éxitos en este proyecto.


I will try to accumulate 100,000 SPT


I'm delegating SPT to you and I am really happy with the returns :)
Thanks and keep up the good work!


Thanks you for this simple guide on delagation. Will do it now.


Wow, I never realized Mav's were gifted 100k SPT, if they asked. I obviously wasn't active enough on the Discord. I only realised I was a Mav about 9 months ago. Somehow I thought you had to have purchased Alpha packs and I was a little to late joining for that.


Only those user/players who were already maverick at the time of token creation got that 100K SPT


what is a maverick?


Any packs? I think I just found out I'm a maverick too!


This is super helpful an informative as someone who is not only new splinterlands, but to the entire hive blockchain ecosystem. It's been a fun trip the last few months learning as much as I can about each project I come across and splinterlands and the entire ecosystem that goes along with it has been one of the great joys as I have been a gamer since I was young.


Super nice idea! :)


Great article for us 'newbies' to the world of Splinterlands. I found this to be very informative.

In fact, the article inspired me to delegate the SPT I was holding in Hive-Engine and I'll be adding some more within a week or so to improve my balance.

Love the game!

Thank you!

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This is nice am new to splinterlands still getting used to it. Can’t wait to delegate my SPT to you


Cool! I didn’t know there was a delegation service. Shared to twitter


I'm just now finding splintertalk io and have appreciated the upvotes while I learn the game. I'm about to get my first spt payouts and my question is what do I need to do with them to have them count towards the airdrop?

Do I need to simply own them?
Must I stake them?
Do I transfer them somewhere?
Or, Do I need to delegate them?

Thanks for this awesome initiative.


Congratulations on your upcoming payout. You don’t have to do anything further for it to count towards the airdrop. Just having SPT in your account is sufficient.


Having SPT on you account (liquid or staked) will count towards your SPT point.
You can curate yourself by staked SPT or delegate it monster-curator to get the SPT payment for your delegation.


Power it up so when you upvote others so everyone gets more curation added, sitting in your account helps with airdrops yet grows slower if not powering up!


Having recently bought about 10k of spt i find it handy for all occasions on this forum. So thank you for helping explaining further benefits with it


Thatz awesome. thank you for your hints. Will do it


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Thanks for the upvote service you provide. The @monster-curator team is doing a great job.


This is really informative. I was wondering how delegations work and how and why to do them. This clears things up quite a bit. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this valuable message for new comers like me can get into the game quickly!!
really appreciate that!!


nice content. very informative. this guy was very helpful and made me create content as well. hope you keep posts like this.


Does SPT need a case use? I would be glad to see one, Leo doesn't have a case use, its a reward that can be staked or sold and at one point hit over a dollar at peak and was worth almost 2.5 Hive, I believe SPT is undervalued still at .01 and .02 Hive . Leo is worth .25 US or average .60 Hive, SPT as the main blog dapp for splinterlands will be valued on equal footing or better with Leo imo.


Thanks for taking the time to share all of these dynamics of SPT and the way its evolved over the years, Splinterlands is awesome and a spectacle to be a part of, appreciate the work you've undoubtedly put in. New to Splintertalk this week, but was on steemit way back when.

Anyone who plays Splinterlands should take heed of this post!



Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work, as I see you being a part of Splinterlands game success. Keep doing it, again and again, until we all reach our peak in life. Thanks for the effort. One million SPT are yours to use it. He He!


Thank you for providing this awesome service! A big thanks also for helping me understand how second-layer tokens work here on Hive.


So awesome to see how the SPT project has grown… Community = Value. Really excited to see this ecosystem functioning at full speed. Thanks to everyone for the continued support and congratulations to those involved. We look forward to continuing to grow this ecosystem together.


this is nice bro. thank you for the info. I'm new here and only a week playing this game. i want to earn money while playing this awesome game. nice! keep it up!


Just found this post now and before reading it I was so confused on SPT and what to do with it! Thank you so much for answering all my questions and giving me insight on what to do with my SPT to maximize earnings! I'll make sure to delegate it to @monster-curator immediately!!


Awesome article on SPT and voting.


Still sort of new to the platform and didn't know about the SPT delegating until recently. Thank you for the super clear breakdown on how to do it. Will make use of it shortly to increase my gains :)


Thank you for this, I'm still new to this game. I'll be following :)