What is Monster-Curator doing with your SPT?

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With the Splintertalk community token SPT we get a unique possibility for gamers and authors to earn a cryptocurrency while sharing content about a game - and not just any game but Splinterlands, the most popular game on any blockchain. But it has another interesting aspect to it: the largest stakes are in the hand of community members and not the Splinterlands developers. And they pooled together to create the largest whale or rather behemoth of the ecosystem with @monster-curator.

SPT Economics

If you post to HIVE from any frontend (like Peakd.com or hive.blog) using #splinterlands or #spt tags, your post will be visible on https://www.splintertalk.io/ and eligible for SPT upvotes. Splintertalk itself is another frontend for HIVE, filtering out any other tags. You have a special SPT wallet there with your SPT transaction history. But you can also access your SPT via https://leodex.io/, where you find all your HIVE ENGINE tokens.

SPT behaves similar to HIVE.
All the info below is without any guarantee and has been constructed out of community conversations on Discord. It would be nice if a Splinterlands team member could confirm or correct this list.

  • It has a daily inflation of currently ~96,000 SPT, for a total of 35 million in the next year (adding to the 56 million current supply) - that's A LOT
  • The inflation is sinking by 0.5% every six months
  • The inflation goes entirely into a reward pool, that goes 50% towards the upvoted authors and 50% to the curators with SPT voting power and active upvotes
  • It is stakeable to create SPT voting power for the tokens reward pool
  • It has a downvote function to free the reward pool from malicious farming activities or unrelated content
  • It has a powerdown of four weeks, with four weekly payments of 25%
  • Early curators will receive more curation rewards percentagewise to their upvote weight, if others upvote the same post later as well (SPT has no penalty for very early voters, unlike HIVE for voters in the first 5 minutes of posting)
  • All SPT curation rewards are 100% liquid and hence fully available after payout

Monster Curation Pool


Most people have not the time or interest to manually curate a community like Splintertalk, especially not every single day to maximize their profits. Hence, auto-upvoting selected authors or following a curation trail like ours quickly comes to mind. But the auto-upvotes are not good to reward the entire community appropriately nor does it help to spread SPT into as many hands as possible. And following a curation trail will usually shrink your percentage of the curation rewards, especially with accounts like ours, that have so much more SPT power than any other account in the ecosystem.

So teaming up and share the rewards is a logical step to maximize our profits, as we all have the exact same percentage advantage within our pool. Our delegators receive 100% of the earned curation rewards, splitted based on their percentage of delegated SPT. At the same time, we are able to reward a lot of SPT each day and make a difference to many authors who put effort into their creations.

Manual Curation and Curator Upvotes

We are manually going through the entire list of daily created content. It is YOUR JOB to attract our attention via New Posts: https://www.splintertalk.io/created. A meaningful title and catching image can help a lot. A screenshot from your daily rewards is usually not enough (although a nice pull could sometimes be interesting). Styling your post nicely with text formatting and content dividers & graphics will give you bonus points. And creating interesting content combined with the above will lead you to great SPT upvotes (and hopefully HIVE).

At the moment, we have three curators:


Since reading through all created posts on Splintertalk, deciding whether and how much they should be upvoted and creating a more or less meaningful comment is a lot of daily work. Going forward, our curators will receive appropriate SPT comment upvotes for their work. We still have to discuss what works best in that regard. This will have very little to no impact on the delegators ROI nor affect the Splintertalk trending page.

We are still looking for one more trustworthy and motivated curator who understands what effort a post must have been for the author and how much it will impact the community, in order to find the right upvote weight. If you are interested, please contact @flauwy on Discord.


There are some authors that constantly create amazing Splinterlands content and nothing else. We selected a few trustworthy of them and put them on our own auto-votes, to maximize our delegators profits with super early votes. We are closely monitoring all of these accounts and make sure this is not abused by them, or else cancel our auto-upvotes for them.

These are our current 100% auto-upvotes, which WILL end up high on the Splintertalk trending page, whenever they post:

  • @splinterlands: Everything they post is very important for Splintertalk
  • @splinterlore: Very important for the game and a lot of work from the authors
  • @peakmonsters: The first and most complex of the card markets
  • @monstermarket: Our sponsor and popular card market with highest payback; hasn't posted in 7 months!
  • @splintern: Our previous Splinterlands interns and SplintX card market developers

Besides our more known authors are also two bot accounts with interesting concepts (non of them are affiliated with us) and low votes from us:

  • @monster-burner: 20% upvote for one daily post; SPT is used to buy and burn cards
  • @splinterstats: 10% for one daily post; Mystery Potions statistics and their NET DEC value

The upvote weight for all of these accounts might be adjusted over time.

Downvoting Low Quality SPT Farming

While SPT was still over on Steem Engine for months without anyone caring what's going on, a lot of SPT auto-votes were set to authors, who kept posting regularly. This was profitable for both the curators as well as the authors and crashed the market price and/or boosted the wallets of the participants. We cannot even blame them, as SPT on Steem Engine was just not getting enough content to curate.

After the move to HIVE ENGINE things finally started to change and a new hope was rising for the SPT token, incuding some promises from the developers of Splinterlands for the future of the token. A lot of content is now created on Splintertalk, enough to spread SPT around into deserving hands. However, the behavior of some authors and curators (often one and the same) has not changed in the past weeks on HIVE.


This is why we have started downvoting an entire week of posts from the three authors to zero SPT. Their posts were very repetitive and showed only screenshots from their quest rewards or daily tournaments with a couple of words, basically information that is not helpful to anybody and can easily be accessed bye anyone from other sources, like the game itself or a thrid-party tool.

We hope to inspire the authors to put more effort into their posts, as one 100% upvote from us is worth 3-4 of their farming posts. And we WILL upvote them, if they create good content that others can appreciate (although for the 100% upvote it has to be REALLY good). Otherwise, we will continue to downvote their posts, although probably not to zero SPT anymore. But they are certainly not worth more than a couple hundred SPT as they are now. This will also shrink their curators curation rewards and hopefully make them re-think their auto-voting strategy.

The authors that were downvoted were:

The largest curators who upvoted the above authors:

Join Monster-Curator To Earn Daily SPT


Our curation rewards are splitted every day among all delegators. To join us and earn passive rewards for your SPT, simply delegate any amount of SPT to @monster-curator. You will receive your first payout within 48 hours and then daily on 0:00 UST.

Because of the still high inflation of SPT, we are able to earn very high numbers of SPT. There are currently more or less 96k of SPT printed every day and we are tapping into a lot of that with about 1/3rd of the entire SPT power pooled on @monster-curator at the moment.

Personally (@flauwy), I am currently holding 2,270,000 SPT power and have earned an average of 3231 SPT in the past 14 days with @monster-curator. That is over 50% annual return in SPT tokens. Of course nobody knows how the SPT price will develop at such a high inflation number but I know several people who would like to get their hands on much more SPT, including myself. And the market has a very thin selling supply at the moment. Buying a million SPT from the open market is nearly impossible and would skyrocket the SPT price.

I will likely not sell-off any SPT until we finally have the promised fanart in-game shop in Splinterlands, where we can use SPT to buy and sell user skins for our cards.

None of this is financial advise - only MONSTER ADVICE!

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