(video)Casting Tales from the furnace Silver Hive Ingot

About a month ago i designed a hive ingot on the pc and printed it out on my 3d resin printed and i have now produced it in silver, i plan…

Casting Tales from the Furnace Silver Bullet edition

Yesterday i got a new workbench and it was time to do some casting, i have a few projects lined up and i have started making videos to…

Is it silver test, a quick way to check coins or bars

I have created a video to show how to test a coin to check if it is silver or just silver plated copper, all you need is a set of scales…

I am upgrading my workspace for casting

The past week has been a pain with the weather being miserable so i have decided to invest in some new kit to improve my workspace where i…

Silver rings but not what you think, is it a good investment

Buying silver is always something i recommend but buying collectable silver is better as it has the base price of the metal plus a…

Tools of the trade, good scales are really worth it

Quantifying something is important and even more so when it comes to buying gold & silver, i have bought many sets of pocket scales in the…

Trash & Treasure when investing not everything shiny is treasure

All elephants are grey but not everything grey is an elephant, just like not every coin that shines is silver. The medallion on the left…

Sometimes bad weather lets you grab a deal

So it has been market day and it was blowing wild weather with a shower that wouldn't quit this morning but make good with what your…

Dcity under maintenance

So i just bought 7.5k of sim to buy a few cards from the 3rd edition on my favourite passive game on the hive blockchain, now i am not…

Mini Milestone 100 Leo Now Staked

It has taken a while but i have reached my first personal milestone on leo by reaching 100 Leo staked. Its fine and dandy writing posts…

Tools for the trade (resin to silver calculator)

I recently bought a 3d printer and i have been printing all kinds of items but one thing i really wanted was a silver Star Gate, now i…

2046 The most important number to remember

Remember this number for buying British silver coins Most countries around the world in the early 20th century had coins made of silver…

A coin from another age 1691 and from a republic i had never heard of

Well everyone loves an old coin but sometimes research can be tricky, with this coin i initially thought it was Prussian with the double…

Sometimes you pick up something really cool

Todays star buy A Queen Anne sixpence from 1711, its not often you get a coin this old in nice condition and knowing your apples from…

Back to the silver casting, it has been far too long

I am back to casting silver into fun objects for people I promised i would make a friend a building brick from some scrap silver once i…

Investment in Silver but not coins, but exactly what is it?

Most people when buying silver for an investment go for coins or bullion but i like to have a mix and i have a weakness for historical…

The HIVE ring has now been printed, phase 2 of my new business plan is a reality

With most plans you can go full raging bull or slowly slowly catch a monkey and i am making sure i can do every phase before going down…

Realising the first step in my new 3d printing venture

I have just started on a journey on creating my own 3d prints which i will turn into silver in the future. The printer i have chosen is…

New notes to sell, can paper notes be a good investment?

Most people never think of investment into vintage banknotes,can they bring you fortune or just another collecting hobby gone wrong…

Is the European super league just another Kerry Packer stunt

So the world of football is still reeling with a few elite teams and a few teams with money who would think they are elite and they want…