2046 The most important number to remember

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Remember this number for buying British silver coins

Most countries around the world in the early 20th century had coins made of silver which where used in everyday transactions, with this little trick you should never go wrong with buying British silver coins ever again.


2046 why this number?

Well between 1920 & 1946 silver coloured British coins where made from 50% silver and everything before 1920 every silver coloured coin was 92.5% silver.

These five coins where the main silver coins used in everyday transactions, the smallest coin was the silver 3 pence, next the silver 6 pence, silver shilling, silver florin and the half crown, there was also a silver crown but i don't currently own one for this picture.

1947 is it any good?

Well not really if your in the stacking game as the coins went from 50% silver to cupro-nickel.

Why did they stop producing silver coins

Well basically it boils down to war debts, take for example the end of the Great War in November 1918 and a little over a year later the currency was debased by 42.5% of the silver content in coins and this also happened after the end of World War II with a little over 14 months after all silver was removed and went to cupro-nickel, this is over simplified but gets the point across nicely.

Don't snub the 50% silver

Everyone one wants pure silver but don't snub the 50% especially in the UK as British silver coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt, there is not many collectable 50% silver British coins but is a fun way of buying a bit of British history with a small budget.


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