New notes to sell, can paper notes be a good investment?

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Most people never think of investment into vintage banknotes,can they bring you fortune or just another collecting hobby gone wrong?

Well as with anything knowledge is your best friend, and this also where knowing a few little facts can really help you, as with collecting anything condition should be your main priority when buying.

So you have found a rare note and you want to check the condition, what do you look for?

Creases of folds in banknotes are one of the things that can really hurt a banknotes value, to check i suggest holding up to a bright light and search for thin lines where it has been folded, be aware people do iron banknotes which is a scummy practice which is why i never buy online as you cant check this out but those faint lines still can be seen.

Pin holes in banknotes is another one of those things that can happen, i find this a lot on Indian banknotes, while checking for creases tilt the banknote looking for spots of light poking through. We have nicknamed this note worm.

Edges of banknotes should be straight and have a sharp edge like a freshly cut piece of paper, you should check for rolled edges and rolled corners as this is the main thing to get damaged.

Stains are another thing to check when looking at banknotes, brown splodges are one thing old banknotes get when stored in damp conditions or had something slightly acidic pressed against them.

So you have checked and you have bought your cool new banknote, how should i store it?

Well storing banknotes is one of them things people have many ideas on but they should be individual, flat and in a protective sleeve and away from moisture and make sure nothing is pressed on them.


Here is an example of one of the notes i bought today, it is a 1935 Silver certificate one dollar, this is easy to spot the faults on this note but it doesnt mean it is worthless.


You can see the rolled corner here and some staining on the note.


With the note held up to a light you can see the fold lines easily and you can also see the edges have chipping.

If your not collecting notes as an investment it can be a fun hobby but speculating on notes is a minefield and only for the most determined investor.

*** Please note this is not financial advice and please weigh your decisions when investing your money.


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