2 of silver 1 of gold

Some days are slim pickings with sales and it is also can be the same with buying, today was a slow day for selling but I did manage to…

Casting a silver space ship

Set geek to maximum and cast a space ship, well this is what i did today and it was not plane sailing. The ship is from stargate universe…

Sweepstakes in now full but here is today's silver buys

Today has been one of those and i have been asked the most stupid question ever, it made me laugh but not while the individual was…

Sweepstakes time is here again and it is time to win hive and silver

Some of you have entered my sweepstakes in the past and we have had a few winners, to enter you will need to be quick as the tournam

Sometimes people just pull a price out of thin air

You must have heard it, i got this coin and it is worth £10,000 as i have seen it on Ebay. It is a statement that will always make you laugh