Hive is the best social media to earn cryptocurrency without investing

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Hello Guys


I have been on hive for the past three months now abd I can testify to you it really help me abd my family.
After my university school I have suffer looking for what to do to earn a living because I try to get a nice work for my self and I was not opportune to get one for my self and because of this I now undergoes and upholstery training on how to change a seat cover on a car, which is what I am currently practicing now.


At first I was very ashamed of my self that I cannot get a common work for my self after my university school that I am now doing work out of what I spends many of year's in school, Sha that is how God want it but i still have believe that one day I will make use of my certificate. So after struggling to make it because the are sometimes that I don't have work and I am financially broke up so there is this one of my friend @unyimeetuk the latest artists on town that use to support me so he seat me down one day because I was totally breaker and him too did not have much to share, he introduced me to hive blog that I should give a try that he will really help me financially but at first I doubt him, but I just say let me give a try to it.

To my lastest surprised, I start earning coins which today I support my self and my family without much stress, but just to create a blogs, comments on other people post,, upvote and also make my self active .

So I recommend hive today has the best platform to be which you can earn cryptocurrency without investing on it but simple by creating blogs, comment, and upvote and you are good to go, so friend if hive help me to solve my some of my personal problems, you too it can help you. So start blogging now.
I love hive and I will continue to love it. Thanks so much for going through my testimony post here on hive

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