Why the Dip?

pixabay The Bitcoin soared high like a rocket, as if it would reach the moon. Of course, because of that a lot of tokens showed up, a…


unsplash We all know that I think most everything should be placed on social media

That View Counts

unsplash Hive is a blockchain platform, we are all aware of that for sure. But it'

People Misunderstood Crypto

unsplash I think everyone agrees that the crypto thing is hard to understand. H

Free Crypto | Thanks Hive and LeoFinance

ctto: leofinance.io "How will I earn money on the internet?" That was a question to me when I was tired of using the internet for…

Be Patient

screenshot from google Disclaimer: I'm not a crypto expert so don't think this is financial advice. It's just my own opinion based on…

Why are Filipinos afraid of crypto?

unsplash Not all people have heard about crypto. Most of the people not aware o

Why Start Investing on Hive?

hive.blog itself the image If we will invest our money we should make sure our money is safe and secure. When we decide to invest we…

CLOSED: AIRDROP Alert: LOLZ Airdrop Day 3 - Last Day of Airdrop

The LOLZ Airdop is complete. Thank you to everyone for helping get the word out about $LOLZ! Keep following for more chances to earn…

Why Join a Webinar?


Call to Action - Participate in CryptoAwards.com Vote!

Hey Hivers! Hive is participating in the Best Blockchain Technology in [CryptoAwar

How to earn cryptocurrency upvotes on 3speak.tv [ENG-ESP]

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Versión en español a partir del minuto 8:30. ![coverupvotesearn.png](https

Building my Treehouse

There's always a result in every kind of life you want. Just like me, I finished the course of a seaman but I chose to live in the…

Hiveph first-ever meeting

We, the Filipinos community, trust hive for the long run. Even though the @hiveph account has a small amount of power where the Filipin
7 mo

Two - O - Five week of #BeerSaturday

Yes, yes - we have week 205 already This is a call to all your friends, to have a beer together and bring him/her to HIVE. We love to…

Hive will stop following BTC


Entrepreneurial Mind-setting


Power Down Duration


The Crypto Drama


Investors or Content Creators?