Free Laptop/PC self Nomination: Why I Need a Pc

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I came across this contest notification from @dwixer, I may be a little behind the deadline but I still wish to participate even if I wouldn't be counted among the illegible participants. For the purpose of this contest,I shall answer the following questions as required.
1.My Current Situation
2.Why I need a PC
3.How can I use this PC to contribute positively to the Leo finance community

I joined hive about two or three weeks ago, and have not been active for some days now. My phone seems to have trouble logging in via hivesigner and sometimes misbehave after successfully login in. The stress and trouble I encounter sometimes discourages me to try, or keep trying and sometimes I feel like giving up. I have seen a friend blog successfully using a Mobile, though restricted from using metamask and some other features, if my mobile could not access a simple hive blog, it means I'm more restricted from using the other features and could limit greatly the percentage of involvement to the hive blockchain.

Aside the fact that my mobile phone is having issues, I see having a PC is of more advantage to me when it comes to blogging, and mobile phone is limited in so many ways that it allows just little involvement compare to someone who blogs using a PC. Multitasking is one important features of a PC, it will give a user the opportunity to do some many things using a PC. I have followed few post on hive that focused on marketing hive on twitter and other social platform. Using Pc could be swift and provides a better interface to noise abroad hive to different social media and use of fantastic tools. Finally, with a laptop, I would be able to post on dtube and threespeak. Video speaking is one best way I present myself, but I have limited myself to writing because my video camera is poor and I'm conscious of my phone memory which has limited space for storing my recorded videos. If I am privilege to have a PC, I believe I will also participate actively through video speaking and other video demands that may come up.

So far, all I know about Leo finance community is that; it is mainly for articles that relates to cryptocurrency and business, or anything related to money and it management. I'm not a financial adviser, but I could learn gradually and sometimes air my view about finance, hive, money and management when I have something to say of importance to the community, I will also learn other ways to be active to my best ability on the block chain as I give myself to learning and engagement.

There maybe more I could offer to the hive Leo finance community, who knows , maybe until I'm able to get a good mobile phone or a PC, but for now what I'm so sure of is that my level of engagement will increase to a tangible level.

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Good luck with the contest. I think you might be too late but I'm tagging @silverstackerUK just in case. 😊

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Thank you, it seem the contest has expired. Thanks for your assist. Sorry, I took late to reply