Splinterlands- Did you Buy Genesis League Packs?

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Hello Friends,

Here is my post after a few days. I am trying to be consistent but it,s not an easy thing. I hope that everyone is well and I am also well.

Splinterlands game has finally launched the presale for their genesis League sports pack. It was awaited for quite some time and they were sharing the updates in parts. For those who are new and have no knowledge about this new game then I would like to mention here that this is a new game that we will be able to play soon. This is the project that is back to buy splinterlands and they have launched their first-ever sale of packs. This is pre-sale and a total of 500 k packs were allocated.


I have checked the website and as of now, I can see that almost 300k packs are still available for purchase. Everything looks good but somewhere I feel that there is less enthusiasm for the purchase of these packs in the new game. I do not know the reason but based on previous experience I can say that this sale has got a very low response so far as compared to what we have seen in the past. They can be a few reasons and one of the big reasons is that hive hard fork. Exchanges have locked the holding because of the upgrade, and this may take some time so due to this reason problem, many users will be struggling with the funds. The team has provided the options to pay through alternate cryptocurrencies, but the minimum limit seems high which is 1000 USD.

I have seen the recent update where it is mentioned that they are going to extend an alternate payment option for quite some time so that people who are struggling with the high payment can have this option. So far 200k packs are sold out of a total of 500 which also includes the packs sold out of the pre-sale.

another thing that we need to note here is that the AirDrop will be starting on 25th October and SPS holding will play a very important role. That means if you are holding a big amount of SPS tokens in your game account then you will be able to grab a greater number of tokens as part of the airdrop.



It is too early to share what will be the ratio and how these holdings will be calculated. I think we need to wait for some more time and the property team will be sharing the updates about it before the airdrop. I am looking forward to this airdrop announcement and how they will be doing it will also create more interest. It is expected that before the airdrop the price for the SPS tokens should increase as this will result in the increased demand for the token. I know that not everyone has got the SPS holding so to get the benefit of airdrop they should be buying it from the market.

The cost for one pack is $5 and there is no use of voucher tokens as of now but later something like this will be implemented and we need to get it. They will also be the option to stake these AirDrop tokens and this way also we will be able to get some additional tokens. I think that this is going to be another great addition to the game ecosystem for players like me who are new and trying to learn more. Also, new people will be able to have a nice holding of these packs or cards later because it is just starting now. I hope to see more people will be participating in the sale and later on once the game is live then it will play more fun.

Did you buy your packs already if not then you can go to the website and register yourself. I have done the registration and this process is very easy. I will be buying some packs later because my buy will not be 400 + packs but certainly I'll be adding some packs to my account. Let's wait and watch to see how the game will be launched and what excitement we are going to witness soon.

Thanks a lot

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