Splinterlands Runi NFT card Minting Phase is over

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Hello Friends

Hope that weekend is going well for you and here is my post about the Runi NFT which has got a success rate on the Ethereum blockchain. Splinterlands game team keep on doing experiments and I think this is very good because this way we get to know many new things and even though these innovations we get to see a lot of action in the project.

Recently they started the NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain and this was the first ever project by them on this different platform. They have chosen open see as a marketplace to least their NFT and public minting was also opened till today but now this is closed. The total quantity of the NFT was 6500 and out of these 2000 slots were given as a priority to some of the people who participated in the whitelist event.


Now the minting phase is over, and I can see that only 3256 nfts are available as an inventory on the platform. The event is already over so there is no way that one can get a new NFT in circulation which I think is good for the people who have participated in this event. This is a different type of card that can be used in the game and hopefully it will bring better value for the cardholders in the long term. I see that lot of people have listed their NFT on the platform for the sale with different prices as per the rarity. Now because the minting phase is over so the only option, we have been there's to buy it from the marketplace.



This was an expensive card and not possible for everyone to take part, but I believe whoever has done this should be proud of the decision, and hopefully, they will be able to bring more profitability to this investment. I know that the current market is not good, and prices are on the lower side, but this situation will not remain the same always. When things will start to recover then the prices will also increase.

There are so many opportunities in this game where people can find the one per their budget and knowledge and this way, they can surely make a lot of money in the long term. This game and the entire project are not for anyone who is looking for an opportunity in the short term because it may not be profitable. Based on my experience and understanding I can say that if you are planning to invest for the long term then splinterlands is the right project. I don't think there is another project better than this which can bring this kind of opportunity to us.

I have been studying the game for the last couple of months and I was busy in the last few days so could not see how things are going. I will spend some time this weekend to see how the game is doing these days and if there is anything new that I need to go through to enhance my knowledge about the project. I have not gone through in details for the genesis League, but I plan to do this soon so that I can also learn more about this additional game which will be live soon. This is an additional game launched by splinterland steam and I expect that this is also going to be a super hit like the card battle game.

Thanks a lot

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