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This week discussion is about one of battle mage secrets called "AIMLESS". Will talk about how this is use and the concept behind this rule. Here is my full battle shared on my facebook

Below are some of screen shots of my battle to summarize it. Round 1... part 1.png

Round 2... part 2.png

Round 3... part 3.png


To understand how AIMLESS was used in my battle, I have below the battle rule and line up. Normally, the battle rule does not always comes in one rule but may come with 3 rules. My battle that I will be sharing will be a 3 battle rule.

line up.jpg

DETAILS... Rule 1
aimless rule.png

Rule 2 Keep your distance.png

Rule 3 weak magic.png

The battle requires 40 mana as a maximum for the line up and only neutral and earth elements will be your option. The combination of the three battle rule will be now our basis for our selection. We are not allowed to used melee, and magic type monster will damage first armor before it can reduce health. Magic monsters will be the same as the ranged type in terms of how it does damage but the advantage of magic type is it can attack on the first position.

My Battle line up... Here are the reason why I choose this line up to give me advantage on my battle. Since our option is earth and neutral, I choose an earth summoner to provide + 1 magic. My idea on my line up is to put a monster in the first position that has a high speed and an ability of fly. This will be a good option to have higher chances for enemy to miss. Support monster should have the ability of speed increase or reduction, additional health, additional armor and blind. This requirement is available on my card list so this are the one that used for my line up. We have to remember that AIMLESS will give monsters the ability of scattershot which it has no direction it will target randomly so it is also good to have some monster with blast ability. Take note that taunt and comoflage ability is bypass with the aimless ability.

My big win in this battle is that my enemy focus on ranged attack which only few has the ability of attacking in the first position. Once you have eliminated his first position means disabling one of his attacker.

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