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Hello everyone who reads, if it is true that I have been publishing in the community for a few days, but I had not introduced myself and I think it would be good to do so.


Where do I come from?

Some time ago I used Steemit, I was about a year until for personal reasons (I migrate to Ecuador) I had to leave it, after two years I returned to my country Venezuela and then the pandemic came, so I had to stay here, and I found that everything had changed a lot, I was a long time, really a long time on the web looking for ways to generate income through the network and after trying and trying I did nothing but earn a few pennies, nothing that made a real difference, then I came across Hive, I entered the web without knowing absolutely anything, only what I already knew about Steemit , which was not much, but I took the challenge and started, I went there, you can see that publication by clicking here. The beginning was quite difficult because my domain of the blockchain was practically null, however it did not discourage me and I kept looking for ways to learn and I also met some very good people like @lililuki, @lqch, @georgelys and @anthony2019 who supported me in Everything they knew, from there everything was improving little by little.


Maybe not everyone knows about the current situation in my country but what I currently earn in Hive is much more than what I could obtain in practically any job field, it is for that reason that I currently dedicate myself to this, and I said to myself, if I am going to dedicate myself to this full time, the best thing is to do it very, very well, and that I did, the support of accounts like @hispapro, @entropia, @mayvileros and @cervantes showed me support on certain occasions and for that I am very grateful, so did many others, special mention to @sportstalksocial for the great support they give me by doing what I like to do the most, which is to write aboutSoccer, little by little I was advancing and right now I am able to help others who are like I was once, and that is what I am doing as far as possible.


Since I joined I knew about the existence of @LeoFinance but I never dared to participate because I believed that it was a community for experts in cryptocurrencies and similar topics, which is something that I do not master at all, in fact, at the time of writing this there are still more the doubts I have, the answers, and that was precisely the reason why I joined LeoFinance. For more or less a month I started a personal project in which Hive is very involved, I want to migrate from my country, I want to seek a better opportunity and quality of life, something that here in Venezuela I will not obtain in any way that I know of , but leaving and starting over in a new place is not something as easy to do as it is read, I need an amount of money that is around $ 1000 and it may not sound so much, but in Venezuela, it is something almost unthinkable, a The minimum wage is priced at around $ 5 ... well, I said to myself, what can I do? and the answer I gave myself was: Hive, Cryptocurrencies! and I said, where should I go to learn how to make money with cryptocurrencies? Well, to LeoFinance, and everything about the learning curve started again, and so far, I think I'm doing well, I came here with the idea and the desire to learn everything I can about finance and cryptocurrencies and I think the support and the interaction has been wonderful, and that's not to mention the fact that you can get rewarded in Hive and also in LEO, it's just the perfect place to achieve my short-term goal, and after that, focus on growing my account and keep sharing here.


What I'm doing here in LeoFinance?

Currently I am using my rewards in LEO to Power Up and increase my voting power in LF, in addition I keep my HP delegated to the account @leo.voter in order to obtain passive profits, at the same time, I can continue healing in Hive thanks to A delegation that @zuerich gave me which is wonderful because I can be getting rewards on both platforms, my voting power in Leo is still not enough to earn rewards (or at least that's what the platform tells me, I don't know if even so, profits are obtained) for that reason all the LEO that I obtain I send it to Power Up, and that is what I will continue to do as long as I maintain this same plan, the same plan that I am using with the SPORTS token that I obtain in Sports Talk Social, on the other hand , whenever I can, I want to invest my earnings in buying some crypto that I can hold until I sell it before my trip, hoping its price will go up, I was thinking about the Litecoin token, but if you have any suggestions or advice to My, leave it in the comments, I will appreciate it very much. Thank you very much for your attention, greetings to all.

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