SPS supply crunch is near (Liquidity and future price analysis)

Let's start by defining what a supply crunch is: "A period during which the supply of a particular product is lower than the demand for…

Weekly Giveaway - DEC is holding steady over 1 cent

I'm making this second giveaway just three days after the last one because I skipped last week's giveaway so this one is to make up for…

My crypto earnings week 39 - Play2Earn is king

The Play2Earn space keeps on giving week after week! We recently saw DEC hitting $0.01 which I thought was impossible just a couple of…

Weekly Giveaway - Someone dumped 50K SPS at $0,30 (GLORIDAX SOLDIER or 2 SBI)

I spent almost the entire day looking at live SPS trades during the day of the chaos legion launch announcement. I bought some more SPS at…

$2+ SPS & Vouchers fair value? Analysing and comparing to other P2E tokens

Splinterlands finally implemented a use case for their native token with their latest announcement. Whoever stakes SPS will be receiving…

My crypto earnings week 38 - Started from the bottom now I'm here

This journey started 38 weeks ago and it is impressive to see how much changed over such a little period of my life. It goes to show that…

My crypto earnings week 37 - China spreading the panic yet again

The crypto markets are a mess right now. Seems like the FUD will never stop and we just have to roll with the punches. China doesn't get…

Tell me your favorite new reward card, Giveaway - 2 x Undead Rex or 2 SBI

I must have done something wrong when I was scheduling the post so it never went out and I didn't get the chance to remake it until now.…

My crypto earnings week 36 - New splinterlands reward cards

I'm not including my new investment yet because I wasn't able to collect a full 7 days of income data on it, but it will be included in…

Will CUB become deflationary?

The @leofinance team just announced that the IDO system will have a major update! The main change is that the upcoming IDO's will use 100%…

New reward cards - Weekly Giveaway 2 x WARRIOR OF PEACE or 2 SBI

New reward cards are about to drop next Monday and I'm thrilled about it! The team only revealed two of the upcoming cards so far, and…

My crypto earnings week 35 - Splinterlands correction

This post is coming a day later but I collected the data on the right day, Monday morning. I've been very busy with a ne

Reward cards are almost gone - GIVEAWAY 3 x HARVESTER or 3 SBI

Welcome to another giveaway! Splinterlands daily quest rewards have been a little bit dull lately. There are very few reward cards left so…

Hive PUD - 5K+ HP Milestone achieved

It's the first of the month once again which means it is time to POWER UP! One of my big goals for 2021 was to reach 6,000 Hive Power and…

My crypto earnings week 34 - The Revamp

I've been making these posts since the beginning of the year and a lot has changed since then. The crypto world moves fast and it's time…

Insane daily quest reward and Weekly Giveaway - 2 x WAVE RUNNER or 2 SBI

I thought I would be able to write this post while I was on vacation but the internet connection was terrible. I'm finally back to work…

Weekly Giveaway - Rental market on the last day of the season is a gold mine (2X Ant Miners or 2 SBI shares)

This post is delayed once again, I will go back to the usual schedule of announcing the winner and launching the new round next Thursday.

My online earnings Week 31 - SPS blessing and Spreadsheet nightmare

Intro In late 2020 I decided that I would give myself until the end of 2021 to try and earn at least $250 a week online. Mainly focused…

Weekly Splinterlands/SBI Giveaway - What an incredible week for splinterlands

Sorry for the delay, I planned on writing my weekly giveaway while I was on vacation but ended up not being able to do it. We're back from…

My online earnings Week 30 - Making some changes

Intro In late 2020 I decided that I would give myself until the end of 2021 to try and earn at least $250 a week online. Mainly focused…