So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good bye Steem

It's been well over 1 year since the drama that forced us to split away from the steem blockchain. I took my emotions aside and decided to…

DEC is off peg (110%+) it's time to grind & GIVEAWAY!

The massive success that splinterlands is having lately is affecting the prices of DEC in a massive way. I checked earlier today and the…

My online earnings Week 28 - Need to improve my time management

Intro I've started this journey in January 2021 with the objective of hitting my goal of earning at least $250 a week until the end of…

CUB will cover my rent for 2022

In yesterday's post, I shared my personal mission statement with you where I identify passive income as my main target for the next few

My Mission Statement for my 30 years old self

I was watching tv on a lazy Sunday afternoon and Jerry Macguire was on. I watched the movie and his mission statement seemed like a very…

My Splinterland collection value since January 2021! Giveaway [Cards or SBI]

The card prices keep increasing massively week after week and my collection has experienced unprecedented growth! I started playing the…

How to get more views on your Hive / Leo posts

When you're new to hive and haven't built a decent following, writing quality content isn't enough to take you to the tre

My online earnings Week 27 - CUBFinance and Splinterlands lead the way

Intro I've started this journey in January 2021 with the objective of hitting my goal of earning at least $250 a week until the end of…

Generate passive income with your Hive Power

One of the main incentives for powering up your hive is being able to use it to generate even more Hive. That was one of the things that mad

The best crypto YouTubers for each niche

Youtube became a great educational tool for the crypto space. Me and most of you probably spend countless hours watching videos so that we…

Exciting news for splinterlands and GIVEAWAY [Cards or SBI shares]

I've recently picked up the habit of listening to the Splinterlands AMA's and there was some exciting news on July's 2nd AMA. I can't wait…

Share your battle - Sand Worm

I haven't published a "Share your battle" post in a while but once I saw this week's card I knew I had to participate @splinterlands! The…

My online earnings Week 26 - Finally smashed my 2021 objective!

Intro I've started this journey on January 2021 with the objective of hitting my goal of earning at least $250 a week until the end of…

Hive Power up day - Setting bigger goals for 2021!

Hive This masks the half point of 2021, 6 months have passed and we only have another 6 to make our yearly goals happen! It's a great time

My Splinterlands week and GIVEAWAY!

Just doing a simple giveaway every week is boring so I'm going to start adding some more content to these posts! The value of the cards…

How to track your DeFi investments for free

Tracking your investments is extremely important and it is something I started doing since the beginning. I've already lost crucial

My online earnings Week 25 - Splinterlands prices are carrying me to my goal

Intro In late 2020 I decided that I would give myself until the end of 2021 to try and earn at least $250 a week online. Mainly focused…

How to make all posts land on the trending page

This Monday I decided to go into crypto full time and make a living out of it! I spent most of my time planning and organizing for what's…

Polygon projects to checkout while Cub is Building

Once I saw Cub was going to launch on polygon I decided to go ahead and start learning the ropes so that I am ready

Weekly Giveaway - 2 x WAVE RUNNER or 2 Hive SBI shares

⚔️ What are Hive SBI Shares: I'm going to explain this in the simplest manner possible: For every share of Hive SBI, I buy I get a…