CUB will cover my rent for 2022

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In yesterday's post, I shared my personal mission statement with you where I identify passive income as my main target for the next few years. My main nonvariable expense is my rent so that's the first thing I will tackle and CUBfinance will be my weapon of choice. One of the things I want to make sure of is that I'm making more than what I'm taking out to keep the snowball going.

I live in a very inexpensive country and on top of that, I got a great deal for the house I'm currently renting. I don't love it but I have to put up with it while I'm building my wealth. Making sacrifices for a better tomorrow. I'm paying around $240 a month.

Let's do the math

To calculate the investment needed, I will have to rely on some assumptions. The APY's will vary a lot over the years and so will the CUB price but this should give me an idea of how much I will need.

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I will be using the CUB-BUSD as my framework, assuming a 180% APY and assuming the price of CUB will remain the same all year long. I'm confident CUB will go higher than $1 but I prefer to underestimate and have a pleasant surprise in the future.

I will need to make at least $2880 to cover my yearly rent.
X = 2880 / 1.8 = $1600
I would need to invest $1600 to have my rent 100% paid by CUBDefi.

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My Current Investment + Steem Power down

I currently have $380 invested into the CUB-BUSD farm and I don't plan on selling any of it. If I keep compounding and reinvesting some of the Cubs I get from Kingdoms over the rest of 2021 I could get to $1200. There would still be $400 missing and that is where Steem comes into the equation.

I'm in the process of powering down all my remaining steem. At current prices, it is worth $230 and I'm redirecting all my remaining steem into CUBDefi. Once again assuming 180% APY it should be worth around $400 by the end of the year.

I'm not touching my Kingdoms stack

The money I have in kingdoms is a long-term bet and I don't want to slow down its growth by taking money from them to pay the rent. I'm currently building my 3 little snowballs on the CUB, CAKE, and POLKA-BNB kingdoms.

I might consider unstacking some money once I start investing in real estate but that won't happen anytime soon.

I know this might crumble or rocket

I'm not putting my life savings into this endeavor, I'm using some money I have lying around different projects. I won't starve if CUB ends up failing. I'm aware of the risks and I have other means to pay my rent I would just consider it a massive success if I could have my rent completely covered by my Cubdefi passive income.

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