My crypto earnings week 39 - Play2Earn is king

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The Play2Earn space keeps on giving week after week! We recently saw DEC hitting $0.01 which I thought was impossible just a couple of weeks ago. Axie Infinity is fighting to keep its tokenomics afloat and the developers are making some big promises for the future of the game.
Everything is moving so fast in this industry and we keep seeing more people jump on board and earning life-changing amounts of money! Earning a full salary playing games was beyond my wildest dreams when I was younger! Congrats to Splinterlands for the major Milestone of 1 Million users!

I identified my main sources of income when it comes to crypto and divided them into different categories:

  • Faucets / Crypto casinos.
  • Hive, Leo, and all the other writing-related tokens.
  • Splinterlands.
  • DeFi (Cub and Autofarm) & CeFi (Celsius and

Faucets: $21,07

Hive: $43,32

Making an effort to post at least 5 times this week. I made a pretty big list of interesting topics to write about over the next few days. It is easier to write posts if I already know the topic and the general key points I want to touch on.

  • Hive: $32,48
  • HBD: $2,24
  • LEO: $6,33
  • POB: $1,43
  • SPT: $0,68
  • CTP: $0,16

Play to Earn: $333,81

A record-breaking week in terms of earnings for the P2E category! On top of these gains, my Splinterlands collection value is also increasing again, it went up by $1 734 when compared to last Monday.
I'm finally getting good at Axie infinity and realizing I made some noob mistakes when assembling my team. I'm slowly fixing the problem and my Axie earnings should be way higher by the end of the year. If I keep investing in learning the game better I could probably reach very a high MMR without breaking the bank.

Splinterlands: $311,39
  • DEC: $65,09
  • SPS Airdrop: $216,84
  • SPS Staking: $29,47
Axie: $22,41

DeFi & CeFi: $34,45

CUB has been asleep at the wheel. There are two new Kingdoms but that wasn't the big break we've all been waiting for...
The crowd is waiting to see how the next IDO goes and I'm very excited for the price action during that period.

Total: $432,65

WHAT A WEEK! Crypto Market is coming back to life and my income is reflecting that. I think UPtober will lift our spirits a little bit after the FUD beatdown.
Will we see Hive holding over $1 before the end of the year? I think we're definitely going!

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