Bitcoin MYK Unable To Ban Mark Zuckerberg

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After careful review the evidence to ban Mark Zuckerberg from Bitcoin MYK has come back insufficient.

We want the commuinity to understand this is a procedure and a process. We believe this is the governance model of the future.

In Marky Zuckerberg's eloquent speech above. It may follow he's done absolutely nothing for the advancement of ubi in business, crypto or otherwise but seemingly ride on it's coatails of what appeared to be a speech of some political aspiration.

Unlike Elon Musk it is not evident any possible market manipulation took place or binding promises to do anything.

All charges are dropped. So far nearly 30 guys have been banned or potentially banned unless they appeal.

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We understand some people believing banning elon musk and the attempted ban of mark zuckerberg is a joke to them. We'd remind these people of a few things when it comes to community accountability and responsibility. First what motivates elon and mark is probably not the same things that motivate may no longer be as important to them as the speeches they make. so keep that in mind

Also keep in mind that if bitcoin myk does become the big success we believe it will because let's face it we know it and you all know it we're just a far better project than you all have created. The consequences of your actions now will carry forward till then.

Next post will talk about the consequences of inactive voting unless you vote choice 3 objector voter.

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