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I think you have it right in the context of when you say "lie" as in crypto lies. Not where the future lies. I believe the crypto narrative is a complete lie told by the benefactors.. That's the project founders, developers and miners.. who don't represent any of the masses of crypto participants for the most part. So i feel all crypto is right now is a club that services those people and a few early investors whom often times none of us are fortunate to be the first people to a project. So it's probably like only about 1% of crypto that's really winning. It's bullshit for the rest of us.

Now to deal with time efficiency i wanna address the entire post @edicted.

Studying crypto from a traditional economic angle is all wrong because as you've discovered crypto lacks the components to even be classified as an economy. There really are no jobs at all. Now there may be a silver lining to this.. In that because crypto doesn't follow traditional rules it may allow for some breakthroughs as i've discovered however for the most part crypto is just like pyramid ponzi scheme garbage even when you break down bitcoin you get the same thing.

So in crypto it's no real way to produce or move money. It's all shells of people manipulating the markets with outside money. Not newly created money more like propped up structure money which is why everything is so fragile and weak.

Let's help you understand that yes blogging could be considered a job or gig economy and that could have helped. However here's the problem. How everyone is setup on the chain you're not promised value eventhough you've labored lol. So it's like showing up on a job and working but not getting paid. Even if you're a miner forking out electricity or time whatever. If the crypto markets are tanking then you may be mining at a loss.

So basically what i'm saying is there really aren't any jobs. There are opportunities if you're a market manipulator namely menaing you're using outside money to trick others into spending their money and then you rug pull mind you it's not innovation does nothing to advance or help the world

Next most of crypto then becomes a nonparticipatory economy. it's one where so little people can participate it'snot of significant benefit which is why most people avoid it or come in and leave it.

Works like this.. if something is useful you continue to use it. If it's bullshit you come in don't see real use in it and you go.

So crypto probably won't change from that for a long time and the reason is because in order to fix a problem you first gotta identify the problem. If you look at crypto most people are not even making posts like this.. They playing the lottery of crypto and you got all the terra lunas and celsius because they don't know how to build systems.. they aren't trying to address the problem and in reality i don't think they are even serious about crypto being a solution for any future.

Now let's talk about why crypto is not designed to create jobs but why that may still force us into an interesting situation. Well crypto is mostly automated with no middle man. With algos and computer learning doing things a human would maybe have done. Now most crypto projects do everything without any humans. So what happens when you have an economy that doesn't really need a human to run it?

That economy has to support the people or it's no reason for the economy to exist in the first place. So that moves into every job automated on the blockchain which they are basically or can easily be .. someone is bound to create that. So then the problem becomes how do you automate distribution from the labor of ai. Even if it comes down to crypto can't create jobs for the benefit of growth and usership you need to havea way to address and solve automation issues.

So that's why bitcoin myk has an automated system that does that. It doens't have to create jobs because then you can just commoditize everyones time and participation as commodities.. Which is all most of the metaverse and internet has become.. farming attention. The problem is even in that due to the backwards capitalism we practice we can not solve the job problem with ai because we're using a model not applicable anymore.

However you look at this you still gotta deal with this problem. It's like being on the titantic and going okay i know the iceberg will hit the ship but i'm going to live in first class and not worry about it until it happens. Or you can already start setting up the life boats..getting people off the ship. That's why crypto can never work until it works like this. It will work like this. .the problem is so many people lose money, time and energy in the meantime for no reason at all. doesn't make the system better. doesn't advance humanity .. doesn't solve any problems. it's just a gigantic dispenser going to all the wrong people.. and the standard economy does a much better job than that. atleast the standard economy gets money to people who need it sometime.s crypto not getting money or benefits or value to enough people of significance period until bitcoin myk came on the scene it didn't even have a solution at all.

So @themarkymark has to step up @taskmaster4450 i'm sorry but he don't know what he's doing we've had a ton of twitter clones fail for over 6 years now. Edicted is finally atleast talking about the problem so i applaud him for that because usually it's just nonsense he talks about. You guys can do what you want i'm just saying willfull ignorance not going to help you all. It's going to keep you out of the top 100 create less opportunity for others. bitcoin myk is multichain and it's going to work because i'm smart and i know how to make it work and whether hive is a big benefactor of that or not will depend on you all but some chain will benefit eitehr way. So i'm just trying to help you guys out this is going down anyway

The job numbers are fake, even Trump reports false unemployment numbers and won't change the system because he needs the fed to spend money. If you can't spend money you got no power. You got no fed then politicians can't write blank checks. So people like taskmaster think you can either innovate your way out like we did in 20th century economics or he believes we can build a microwave that can teleport you but consumers still got no food to put in the microwave so that's his solution for raising the standard of livign which has continually dropped down since the 1950's

so you guys are wrong @edicted and you have no clue not even remotely what you talking about. Ignoring me only makes things worse. The reason being is because most of the information i relay isn't self generated or self created. When i say ubi is the future of crypto and our standard economy adn it's the only future we can have. I don't say that because i have some ubi wetdream. i say that because of alot of research and big credential economist like greg mankiew..So i know what i'm talking about and i got almost a 20 year career on wallstreet,, i got a 7 acre villa.. i don't care about money i care about glory and having my name in the lights as one of the greatest humans that ever existed because he made the world better for everyone else not just himself. Do what you wish at your own peril but hive is eventually probably going to drop to zero like every other crypto does so i wouldn't put too much energy into this.

@preparedwombat you think it's a joke lol

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@preparedwombat you think it's a joke

Actually, I never said anything about it being a joke. I only implied that you might want to consider the possible benefits of modern pharmacology, hardly a laughing matter.






all you hive people been trying to get rid of me for the last 2.5 years and i'm still here, now what?

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