RE: “Invisible Internet Money:” The Cryptosphere Still Has a LONG Way to Go!

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Cryptocurrency has such a long long way to go. For me its the opposite. I can speak to a person who's never been in crypto and i can have a much better conversation about why they should use crypto over the people who are here. I can tell you the exact differences. People who aren't in crypto yet are genuinely trying to understand what it is. They are actually trying to find the holes in it so it can make sense to them. So they are genuinely putting it to the test is this something that will work for me? It's not that they don't want it to work. They saying a few things. One they saying hey i'm considering putting alot of money in this thing i hear people doing well but i don't like the idea of it's nobody to go to if something goes wrong with my money lol.

The other part is they really just are having trouble wrapping their head around the technology how it works and being bombarded with media stories trying to put the pieces together. I can have a good exchange with them and often times we finish the conversations with the result being they going out to try their first cryptocurrency out. Happens with me all the time. I don't think its ever been the case it didn't happen.

Now here's my problem with the space. I know some would go well if the person is already in why is that a problem. Well here's the problem the reason why the people are in crypto are the worse reasons. Often times its just for speculation..bubbles. ponzi and pyramid schemes. So what happens is these type people feed and create the very culture that the people who aren't in crypto are afraid of. That's what has happened.

Now even if you look at all my commentary and posts and objectives. You will find that most in crypto agree with me. They agree with me and then go do the exact opposite of what they agree with lol. In crypto the most valuable and useful projects aren't celebrated. What is celebrated is ponzi scheme and bubble coins with odds of failure and you losing greater than they are in las vegas at the casino lol.. Thats why people fear cryptocurrency. It's because of you all thats in here and how you navigate this space and they have a right to be afraid. If you agree with me and you end up chasing bubbles and ponzi schemes and you really not interested in significant use cases you'd think wise people would know that's a recipe for disaster but not in cryptocurrency lol.

In cryptocurrency most of the focus is there not on use not on advancing and improving the world. It's on nonsense. It's on fiat currency. So if you using fiat currency or your goal is to get fiat currency you don't need cryptocurrency. So the real problem is with cryptocurrency itself and the people who already here. Not the people who haven't got here yet. It's the people here that's destroying the space.

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