RE: Centralization as a Testnet

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Centralization is not so much the problem in the beginning as much as it becomes the problem in the end. So in other words it's actually better to be centralized ever moving towards decentralization.

The biggest problem on hive is that it decentralizes to a great degree alot of the early development. It in retrospect needed to centralize the beginning efforts such as should have been run more like in my opinion. The real truth is about delegation away from centralized power and authority.. the keyword is decentralized power.. wealth.. governance.

people don't really care about how we arrive there as long as it does and they see favorable results. That's why bitcoin myk will beat all crypto projects in the end. The reality of the situation is people don't so much care about control.. they care about you have more control than they do.. So the game is to decentralize the control to appease. The problem is crypto fails to do that but if you don't give people what they want you'll never be truly successful in a project. So economic states are subjective just as much as decentralization and centralization is.

Has nothing to do with efficiency or optimizing has to do with a false sense of fairness and because bitcoin myk can exploit that and you all don't know how.. it's going to lead eventually to your failing you'll all end up like terra luna in due time.

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