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this post is about economic deflation

yea but nobody is really going around in the standard economy arguing about if inflation is bad The standard economy inflation rate is controlled it can be good or bad.. the key argument for a crypto blog is often times in context of crypto but whatever.

as far as, bitcoin myk not being the answer and not being able to help.. the idea that people think they can't do anything about the economy is the key reason why the economy is the way it is.

of course we can do something.. what you fail to understand is bitcoin myk is not even about making an investment and can i cash it out for hive. it's about your active voice. your vote in a sense a movement of freedom and what i believe to be a right that forces the system into universal basic income through whether it's activism.. marches.. creating your own political parties .. your own cryptocurrencies based on ubi and we all forming a coalition.. this is why i call you guys dumb all the time. because you all don't have the mental aptitude to understand this.. you're all mostly poor which means you need to work in your own best interest not the best interest of someone else promising you that you'll become billionaires or wealthy and in reality you're not .. you're going to be a victim like everyone else or make a few bucks doing blog post that aren't even going to pay one bill.. let's get for real and get educated folks . no we don't expect one of mankind's greatest ideas and inventions to work magically for you all right away.

we gotta fight for this and claw for this.. but guess what? it's worth it in the end. bitcoin myk is about inspiring you all to fix this problem for good. it's not a magic bullet but neither is bitcoin, hive or any of these cryptocurrencies you all suffering now.. some of you gotta go back to work now. work like hell. can't feed your families because you're too dumb to focus on the root causes of an issue and then actively pursue the solution.

you always want someone else to do it for you.. let me tell you something edicted. " mykos " doesn't have a family to support. has large real estate holdings.. can go anywhere he wants anytime he wants. can do what he wants pretty much in any economy.

i'm leading people to freedom because it's the right thing to do @taskmaster4450.. i'm not interested in you guys little trinkets..

but this is the world's project as well and i'm dayum sure not going to do this alone but i know the people need it. So you all don't have a real solution i do

Those who recognize the truth of my words get up and follow me because these guys aren't going to lead you all anywhere lol

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