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Well yes someone like cryptowendy i can see why this system doesn't really work for her. i'm relatively small i have reached close to a million views on my channel just under 3000 subs but i still probably have more active community members than you all on youtube. All i see here is like teh same 5 guys posting and on that front page

What i don't think you all understand is that youtube as well as facebook works as a freemium service model. now i'm attempting to bring that model here. That's why cryptowendy and myself don't care because we'll not only build more and make more on's a more nice community because when you show money and involve money on content to the outside world it looks jerkish so it's really working against you. idk what else to say but no big content creators will ever stay here and i'm telling you why.

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Well the point is that influencers need to stop griping about the need for decentralized social media and free speech, blah blah, but they don't use the already working services that are here. That's what is Jerkish in my opinion. I think most influencers have lost sight of why this was all built in the first place.

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That's a valid point. some do scream to the rooftops about regulation the govt censorship to their fans.. yet stay on centralized systems, lol.. although some so called " decentralized" social media is questionable

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