RE: Liquidity Black Hole Theory and How it Now Applies to WLEO

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Yes i'm quite impressed with the success of Leo. The problem i see is that as you mentioned the greater part.. or i may venture to say like 90% of your trade volume comes from ethereum uniswap. None of that liquidity seems to actually appear on Hive. I like the concept of Hive-Engine but marketing seems nonexistent always has. It feels like the idea of smt's if smt's were to occur i don't think it would be much different or any less opportune than now.

Yet the trade volume on Hive-Engine is incredibly low in comparison to almost every exchange out there. It's very strange because if you really think about what Hive Engine is there should be alot more attention and hype to it. It's easy to use. I certainly a million times over prefer it to ethereum and uniswap. In fact i don't even like ethereum and uniswap i think they are much too complicated for the average person to use. This is for experienced people and developers so ethereum doesn't even keep in mind a product for normal people to use. I think atleast Hive Engine seems to be designed for anyone to use. It's better you don't have to worry about all this gas business.

At the same time to me the Hive Blockchain almost seems obsolete to your product at this point. Leo could clone Hive and dpos systems and do all this without an anvil around their necks. It would more than likely still work the same maybe even better. I'm not saying do that. I'm simply saying at this point hive blockchain seems obsolete. It's more seemingly depending on you than you on it. That's one issue with smt's that unlike ethereum and erc-20 tokens. Ethereum built up their infrastructure and value. A ton of money on ethereum. Hive and Steem.. dpos been struggling to get any liquidity and value for a long long time. So i don't know how much liquidity you going to get from Hive Engine. You may get more from ethereum and i'm not sure ethereum will want to bring their money back to hive. So it will be interesting to watch. I'm sure whatever you all do seeing that it's been successful so far will be successful in the future.

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