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And let me tell you why nobody uses bitcoin myk right now but why that's soon going to change because you're wondering that and you've asked the question before

so here's the deal. we're going to jump in a time machine really quick okay. So there is an idea that ubi is a utopian fantasy. so let's travel back in the past to another utopian fantasy and that is a world without human slavery.. so we're in 1860 now .. and we're from the future

i tell the slaveowners... you know slavery is probably not a good idea..that industry is coming as you can see and you won't need the slaves.. they'll cost more to feed and use than machines..etc., the machines won't get sick. to the idealist i'd tell them they will live in a world where there is no slavery and they may even have families with those same slaves one day.

Can you imagine how unimaginable that would be for those people? Now think about why the people would have felt that way? Same reason they feel that way about ubi now. Not that ubi is not a superior system. not that ubi is not a moral system and a better economic stimulus system but because if you were in the south at that time your political power and your means of living and support depended on those slaves although it was ending so the motivation was more about keeping the institution of slavery.

the average citizen in the beginning won't fully push ubi because if they do they in the short term may lose some benefits of capitalism but they are going to lose them anyway as we can see what's happening now and why this has to happen. so this next era of machines is like the beginning of the industrial revolution.. it ended slavery and this next technological revolution will end our economic systems as we know it but we will in turn inherit a better one. so they aren't using bitcoin myk right now because the boots are so far on their necks they can't lift their heads up high enough to see but they will catch that opportunity that i promise you

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i'll take my seat amongst all the ubi prophets..thomas paine, milton friedman, martin luther king jr.. the greatest men that ever lived and i will destroy all of you unapologetic card carrying capitalist.. " i'll do what i must"

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