RE: Why Hive Appears To Moving So Slowly

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I personally think it's moving slow because the longer it goes the more the model breaks down. So to be fair to hive at first i was going to just count from the inception of the idea of dpos.. or rather not count that.. The problem though is it's pretty much the same people in control that use to be in control

Same witnesses and i don't think they got any smarter so i feel like really it's being white dwarfing since 2016...So my observational views are this is a sign of break down.. In crypto how people view it is that the most value you can get is the appreciation of the coins unless you got people playing the game and getting yield but that's not really how it works in crypto. if you want to use crypto for yield then it's just far superior yield farming techniques that net you more value.

So that means it's going to always be a few guys that just like to use hive but not a significant amount like you'd experience in successful crypto projects is the probloem.

So i think it's just decline in reality.. EVen if you count the hive fork and i doubled the value of the community from the what 70 cents and i 2x'd it.. so thats what about $1.40 to $1.50 whatever..

Did you know when i first came to dpos like 6 years ago the price of steem was well over $2.. So if we went directly on coin appreciation that would mean we're at a price far less even if i 2x'd your value to give you back any dilution that could have been created during the fork.. So i don't call that progress at all. That's like decline to me. Not saying someone can't find a way to profit from hive. Of course you can but not sure how normal that is beyond just the diehard hive users which i'd think are far and few between especially in relation to successful projects.

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