RE: Productivity J Curve: Get Ready For A Massive Increase

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We certainly are emerging out as a K-shaped recovery. However, i'm not sure what " taking off means". This is not a good thing. We misunderstand ideas like advancement. Advancement for whom? Technological advancement doesn't necessarily mean cost are going to come down effective to the people on mainstreet and not on wallstreet.

So it all depends on the government response as well to these technological leaps. Seeing that most of you in some insane sense favor neofeudalism.because you all still trying to take all you can like you've always done and not treated your surroundings like an ecosystem which you should. large economic disparity and automation taking human workers jobs.. I don't see how that could be good for most people. Seeing that most people wont benefit from that.

Corporations and their shareholders will benefit from that. However then the government will in some extreme unprepared push move us into some type of unhealthy socialism to combat this effect. It would be easier to just properly balance the economy in a way that doesn't happen.

However by the time they are through goodness knows what we'll end up with but i'm sure it wont be good if they got anything to do with it. We're going to end up with long term inflation as a by product of this. Workers get poorer every decade where is this effect of cost coming down to combat that? It's no place because if it was anyplace that counted the workers would be wealthier not poorer. That means it doesn't work. you get it? lol

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