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Interesting article. I've always considered 'The Metaverse' to be like a multilevel digital representation of possible worlds/social hubs. As such it is really hard to define it as a singular entity. Instead it feels like it is the creation of a new technological interface for our basic human need form social bonds. Except that rather than being limited by the traditional channels of communication and limited by the scope of our current perceptions of time/space/possibility it is more open ended. Where one group can realize a reality different from another group which can be vastly different from a third, and so on.

I completely agree with you though we're are the very early stages of this cycle, the question though for me is how quickly we will pass through the other stages. Indeed, technological development is moving exponentially doubling around every 18months (I believe) and with this we see faster and faster leaps forward. It will be exciting to see if the early ideas/hype meet any of our expectations. Or if, in time, we'll look back and say that we never even imagined just how the future could look. In the meantime let's enjoy the ride, haha!

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