Late Night Monday Searching For Larry

It's been a day with great weather until a storm came in the early evening. Perhaps that's an omen for the crypto market right now? hehe…

Getting Started on Hive - My Tips

I am often asked for tips on how to get started and build traction on Hive. I have been on Hive for around 5 months now and I thought I…

Dogecoin - Inside the Wolfsschanze

With the recent collapse of Luna and the accelerating loss of confidence in Tether, there is opening up some space in the top 10…


Hello Silverstackers! I was really excited recently when I saw on hive some of the great coins that some collectors have. Therefore I…

Saturday Savers Club Week 21 - MyHiveGoals

Welcome to my latest Hive Goals review, it has been 7 days since my last update. Time is flying by and the rollercoaster ride that is crypt

(Un)Stable Coins - Under Pressure

The latest speculations are that the BTC reserves were not used by Terra to maintain the peg but were in fact sent to a cold wallet is the…

How To Use Liquidity Pools on PolyCUB and BEEswap

In order to enhance my returns, I have been looking at adding Liquidity Pools into my portfolio to provide some extra returns. Some of the…

ListNerds - Sending a Solo Mail

It has been a while since I last gave a ListNerds update and I wanted to give a report on my progress since upgrading and also cover how…

After UST crashed - Should HBD Lower Rates Back To 12%?

With the recent crash of UST, stable coins have gotten a lot of bad press and the returns UST provided on Anchor were comparable with HBD.…

Sleep Like A Baby - Riding the Bear Market

Investing in crypto is VERY high risk. It is a new and not fully proven technology in many areas plus there are many scammers around every…

Confessions of a Bitcoin Maxi

Bitcoin reached its all-time high 6 months ago on 10 November 2021 of $69,044.77. Since then it has lost over half its value with a loss…

Don't Hassle The Hoff - Spending HBD in Germany

The Hoff was recently on twitter promoting HBD source You may be surprised to learn that the home of "Vorsprung durch Technik", The…

Saturday Savers Club Week 20 - MyHiveGoals

Welcome to my latest update, it has been 7 days since my last update. What a crazy week we have had. First of all the crypto market was hi

The End of Anchor Protocol

The collapse of Luna also means the end of the beloved Anchor Protocol. Anchor was the great Defi place where you could earn up to 19% on…

Leo Challenge: The real value of HBD - 1,000 LEO tokens in Prizes!

HBD is the hottest stable coin in the block right now, and if you haven't heard about everything surrounding our native stable token, you…

Using Focus To Get Results With ListNerds

I want to improve my results and I think the best way to do that is to try and stay focused. There is the saying that where your focus…

The Fall of Statera - Marketcap Ranked 1990

Statera is the tipping token used on the centralised Publish0x crypto blogging platform. Users can earn Statera through publishing or…

The Financial Lunacy of the Mainstream Media

While browsing through Twitter I came across the following graphic from The Times newspaper. Here it shows the interest saved and the time…

Market Chatter - Joining the 1BTC Club?

With Bitcoin soon to capitulate the $30k mark, it will open up possibilities of reaching sub $20k. Many large Bitcoin whales have been…

ListNerds - The Importance Of Staking CTP

As part of my journey on ListNerds, I want to share some of the things I've learned to help others. Today I will talk about CTP staking…