#MyCOVIDStory Initiative - The making of Abhinna Odisha (ଅଭିନ୍ନ ଓଡିଶା )

Covid-19 has inspired us to build a global community for our Motherland Odisha, to connect the dots and reunite to spread good vibes…

The Market is surely not for the weak hearts.....Where do we go from here?

A lot of people must have got panic attack yesterday for sure. BTC going down to 32K. A total blood bath in the market. It definitely…

Should we have a exit strategy in this run?

Currently we are all at a high because of the crypto market which has been gradually picking up. Most of the Cryptos have already given 5…

Which is that one coin you think in your portfolio will be a game changer for you?

I have always bragged about this one coin ADA, and still continue doing it. Over a period of time it has shown steady consistent upward…

What is My Financial Independence Number?

This initiative comes from @gungunkrishu. He has put up this question for the Hive Community What's your Financial Independence…

How did I get to Hive and why am I still here?

It always feels good to go back in past and look at your journey, specially the one which has been so fulfilling. So let me share with you…

Financial Freedom:: What's Your Financial Independence Number?

Hey All; In this blog post, I want to talk about Financial Freedom and the Number that I've set for myself that once achieved, I…

How did you get here and why are you still here?

Do you remember how you found your way to Hive? Was it your first interaction with crypto? If not, what was? Why are you here…

Outline of a possible Cost Benefit Analysis Framework for Covid-19 Vaccines

Hi Everyone, In my post [My Concerns about the Covid-19 Vaccines](

The Coin that's moving up fast - Verasity (VRA)

There are many many Altcoins which are giving some very good short term gains. You actually do not need to be invested in them on long…

The price of HIVE is catching up 🌞

Yes I am aware, that everyone is talking about it and the news is there everywhere, every second post is talking about the hive price…

UTK Altcoin Growth shows stability

UTK is one another Altcoin that I have been invested into. I have been checking on this Altcoin performance for a while and I find it…

Crypto Cards, easy to use for transactions

Crypto debit cards are surely one of the most convenient things for crypto investors. we had got these 2 cards a year ago and used it once…

The Roller Coaster Market ride - Does it end here?

The last 2 days have been truly dramatic. Did anyone expect this coming or was it a big jolt. It was a big way correction and may be or…

Investing in Leo Tokens

So finally I made this move of making some investments in Leo. To be very honest for a long time I had not thought about it and was…

Sharing and Gaining knowledge on Cryptos

First of all I want to share my happiness that the price of Hive has started going up along with the market trend and that it almost went…

Will the Cryptocurrencies give us the Financial Freedom that most of us desire?

Lately the Indian Government has been very strongly again putting it's focus on the Cryptocurrencies bill, and they have been in pursuit…

Cardano (ADA) is gaining momentum

The one coin that I have been talking about since some time is Cardano ADA, and look at it's performance. It's at .77 as I write this…

What future does Cryptocurrency Market have in India?

It is a confusion for us Indians as to what it is going to be like with our Crypto investments. The government keeps making change in…

Uniswap is now at 18$

A couple of days back I mentioned about my future investment plans and I did mention about Uni Alt coin in that post. It was exactly 27…