Play2Earn Top Secret: Honest Splinterlands Earnings

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I have been trying to delay writing this blog. However, as the local Splinterlands community grew under my care, and blockchain being so transparent, I think there is not much point in hiding my earnings in Play2Earn Splinterlands.

But before that, lets celebrate as the community manages to complete the 2nd private tournament.
Just setting this private tournament and prizes cost around $60 USD. But the excitement and stress of playing among ourselves are amazing experience. Mentioned in my previous blog: HERE, I gave out like $500USD/mth worth of Splinterlands assets back to the community.

Here is what I will be covering:

  • Original investment amount
  • Current SL assets worth
  • DEC Earnings through active playing vs passively
  • SPS Earnings
  • Sharing on how to earn more from Splinterlands Ecosystem
  1. Original investment amount
    I started to invest into Splinterlands around July 2021. From the picture photo below, you can see that I kept track of my spending/investment amount for each card or land.

In total, I spent/invested about $54k USD.

Of which, $34k USD went into purchasing of SL cards.
$20k USD went into purchasing of 2 tracts(200 lands) and 21 plots of land.(Total 221 lands)

  1. Current SL assets worth
    Since blockchain is being transparent, as long you know how, you can easily check on people's SL assets. To look up on SL cards, just replace the ___ with the Hive username.
    Currently, my SL cards had grew from $34k USD to $167k. But because SL cards are considered illiquid assets, the cash out value would be more reasonable at 20% discount, so $133.6k.
    Point 1: As now the game is giving out free SPS(goverence token) every day, I got a total value of $19.5k worth of SPS tokens.
    Point 2: From the airdrop points, it means that I still hold 200 lands. Currently, 200 lands are worth $160k.
    So in total, my SL asset is worth

$133.6k + $19.5k + $160k = $313k

I also have already cashed out $10k so far which is not included in the above calculation.

  1. DEC Earnings through active playing vs passively
    Do take note that in order to achieve the same level of earning, you need to have a certain amount of SL assets.
    Active Play: At diamond league, I am able to win 100DEC per win. Based on an optimal playing of 25matches/day and reasonable win rate of 50%, given that a season consist of 15days, I can roughly get 25k DEC/season which is $500USD/mth.
    In addition, I would also be awarded 10-14 daily chests and 120 chest at season end(reaching champion 3 league). That could easily add another $100USD/mth, bringing to a total of $600USD/mth
    Passive Play: As you can see from 2 picture above, if I were to rent out all my cards, I am able to collect 9K DEC/day. So far, I had tried it out for a season and it worked wonder. I also did not hitch up the rental price during season end otherwise i would be earn more. However, because I am "card-less", I would be able to get any daily chest or season end chest.
    Total: 270K DEC/mth = $2.7k USD/mth
    Do take note that now DEC is already off peg from the soft peg of $1/1k DEC, so a more realistic long term earning need to be divided by 10.
  2. SPS Earnings
    Currently, for 1 year only, SL is airdropping its goverence tokens: SPS for free. The amount of SPS airdropped is based on your assets in the Splinterlands Ecosystem.
    I am able to get 400 SPS every day. In addition, I am also staking SPS at 50% APY which will further award me ard another additional 50SPS per day.
    At the current price of $0.40/SPS,
    450SPS/day = $180/day = $5400/mth.
    At this point of time, there is still 238 days of SPS airdrop left.
  3. Sharing on how to earn more from Splinterlands Ecosystem
    There is a very beautiful article written on 23ways to earn from Splinterlands Ecosystem. You can view it here:
    And I also previously written a blog on Hive blogging. You can refer to it here.
    NOTE: Personally, I feel the real profit actually come from building assets. Cards that you can win right now are worth like $0.17 for common cards. However, once they are fully minted/give out, this is where it change from inflation asset to deflationary asset. As you can see from the previous waves of reward cards, they are previously equally as cheap but once it become a deflationary assets, those high demand rewards card just shoot up in prices due to the high deflationary rate. So dont expect to get rich overnight, build up your assets and you will realise you are quite rich in a year or 2.
    Final Note: Do note that the earning is amplified now due to the value of DEC x10 and 1 year free SPS airdrop. After the SPS airdrop, DEC may return to its soft peg, land may drop in value, Chao Legion edition may dampen some of the existing power cards which lead to a drop in price etc.

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