A Healthy Gratitude/Rant Balance Over the Years - A Hive Anniversary Letter to my Followers

Dear Followers, Today is my Steemit/Hive 4th year anniversary, sorry I have to credit Steemit here as it's my first love. But it's no…

Asking the Brains Trust of HIVE for Ideas for Our Local Community Currency Exchange

Something is blossoming in our little town. Whilst ten years ago this was mainly a farming area, very rural and populated by country folk…

The Silver Penny Project: The Affordable Silver-Backed Token on Steem-Engine

Introducing The Silver Penny Project Resteem this post for 0.10 SLVP token for free! Just let me know in the comments below. Anyone…

Quick Shameless Promo (Earn up to $110, and beyond)

I've been earning crypto through coinbase for a while, and I have some referral links to share. The goal here is to earn us both some…