Art of frugal living : Exactly a year ago, I happily lived in £1850 apartment and now happily living in £360 room.

Thank you to everyone who is part of our amazing global hive community. Thank you for giving and receiving hive cryptocurrency via…

I failed to improve my Crypto EQ which is the foundation of creating Happy money flowing into my life from Crypto

Thank you to everyone who engaged with me via my yesterday's post. I truly appreciate all the upvotes and Thank you for taking your time…

You control how you play the money game. You control how you play the crypto game.

I truly appreciate everyone who engaged with me via my yesterday's post. Thank you for all upvotes and Thank you for taking your time to…

I'm finally debt free after two years of struggle. No more credit cards, overdrafts or loans.

I find it quite difficult to share my struggles with others. But I can share my own struggles with myself, I will try to consider this…

Call to Action! Which crypto has the best community?

Hey Hivers! It's time to show the power of the community! Kraken Exchange has asked *Which crypto has the best commu

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #7 | Mobile App v0.0.12, Leo Podcast, Marketing, IDOs and Kingdoms TVL $6m+

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance Latest Iteration of the LeoFinance Mobile App and Progress Update Leo Podcast Returns! Leo…

It's Hive moon time

I never thought I would write a Hive post today, It's a happy moment for our global Hive community, So I'm writing this post. Long-term…

Win Up To 200,000 USDT With Actifit Early Bird Token Sale - Kicks off September 15 16:00 UTC

Yes you heard that right! We have set up major rewards in preparation for our imminent Actifit DeFi launch and token sale on Binance Smart…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #5 | Mobile App Rollout, HP Leasing, $125k CUB Burned

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance LeoFinance Mobile App Rollout Mobile App Features for Hive Ops Mobile LeoLightning & Leo

Cubfinance: Opening Up A New Chapter

Getting the first one in anything is always difficult. In business, this takes on even more meaning. Basically, the easiest path is to…

The Case For $50 Hive

Let us have a little fun today and allow our imaginations flow. The point of this exercise is to highlight some of what is already taking…

Please spare with me, I’m slowly finding my way back into HIVE community and figuring out how I can contribute

I wanted to start over my new Hive chapter with beginners mindset. Elimination and slow start will be the key. Unlike my previous…

Hive At The Center Of Podcasting 2.0

We are seeing a lot of activity taking place with cryptocurrency . Much of it seems to be more of the same. That said, there is some…

How to PRINT MONEY with HIVE and HBD

I am seriously in awe right now, I can't believe it but its true, I am printing money. Let me show you how to do it too. Do you…

Introducing CUB's Decentralized IDO Launchpad: Economics, Impacts and How to Participate

What's an IDO Launchpad? The term IDO is quite similar to some other cyclical launch structures that the crypto industry has seen over…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #3 | New LeoFi App, 1st IDO, Geyser Successfully Automated

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance: New LeoFi App Released Into Open Beta! LeoBridge Rounding Error Fixed & What We're…

Let's Look at the Hive Ecosystem

Crypto and Blockchain Empowering Users and Developers NOTE: This post was written for crypto curious people on Medium. It's the…

Alive Engagement Contest - Win 200 Hive Power Every Day - CLOSED For Entries - August 7, 2021

This is the daily prize drawing for the Alive Engagement Contest of August 7, 2021. Graphic made in Desygner Welcome to the…

Introducing SEED

The Seed Token ($ SEED ), has just been created: The general token metrics have been released in my last post .

Introducing the BTCB-BNB Cub Kingdom | Vault Migration Status: 4/7

The release of Cub's most anticipated feature - Kingdoms - is chugging along. As we've mentioned in posts, tweets and AMAs, the release is…