Do you agree we need more community leaders get involved with Hive Governance & DAO ?

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Please watch the video to find out my own answer to my own Hive-Question. One of the main reasons that I do this daily post is to keep everyone in the loop with iterations/changes and get feedback from our community.

Hive Marketing (Twitter First Approach, Community Driven) led by NathanMars

Most of my energy focused on Twitter leading our community driven, result oriented Hive Marketing and carrying on what I left with our collective Steem Seven77 Twitter campaign. This is not a solo effort. DAO proposal is coming soon regarding this and the fund that I'll receive will get 100% reinvested into community developments. How I reward people will not be published either, so I can stop people game me/our DAO.

I will be working closely with a small secret team. I'm not planning to publish any names of Twitter marketing led by me and allow other community leaders/projects to come forward to lead their own community driven decentralised Twitter first approach HIVE marketing.

Building Bridge with Hive and other crypto communities(Crypto-5000 club Monthly event)

My ultimate vision is to develop a global Hive community that can last for 100 years and carry on what I left with building the DtubeFamily777 community. Hosting monthly meet-up with Clubhouse starting from 1st Mat. Attendees list is coming soon .

Confimed Attendess


See my pin Tweet for daily updates.
Please don't think I'm ignoring your contribution to our HIVE, I'm just focusing on getting some results from our HIVE marketing.
Monthly delegation updates to empower the Hive Twitter community.
Stopped checking Hive mentions, However read all the comments and replies on Hive.
I manually curate #HIVE Tweets.
I curate mostly community contents.
I’m a Hive Witness.

Reminder for myself.

Time spent has nothing to do with job done.

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