June 2021

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May 2021 is very unpredictable month for me personally.

I’ve maintained my focus with our collective Hive Twitter Marketing and avoided all distractions up until May this year. However last month was filled with lots of distractions.

I guess, DHF proposal number 170 not getting funded probably a fortunate event because my focus is shifted from hive to my personal life and my priorities have changed temporarily.

I’m currently prioritising dealing with my financial and family problems and it’s taking all my energy. I can’t no longer ignore these two main problems.

I’m always committed to Hive with long term mindset and taking required time to solve my personal problems and it will help me massively towards what I can personally do for our global Hive community in the years to come.

Happy June and hopefully I’ll be back with Hive with my full energy in next month.

Ps. I do check Telegram very often and I’ll be responding to Twitter DM’s this week and try to be active with Hive Twitter as much as I can during this month.

Thanks a Million

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