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I continue iterating my ideas and making simple and straightforward enough that our stakeholders understand my vision, approach towards executing a result oriented community driven Twitter marketing.

Hive-Shill (Twitter/Daily)

Most of my energy focused on Twitter with our community driven Hive Marketing and carrying on what I left with our collective Steem Seven77 Twitter movement. This is not a solo effort and I'm creating a team of people to carry out flexible but result driven execution under my leadership with the help of the upcoming DAO proposal.

HIVE Shill Twitter team

  1. @nathanmars (Leader)

Crypto-5000 (ClubHouse/Monthly)

My ultimate vision is to develop a global Hive community that can last for 100 years and carry on what I left with building the DtubeFamily777 community. Hosting monthly meet-up with Clubhouse starting from 1st Mat. Attendees list is coming soon .

Confimed Attendess


Please see my pin Tweet for daily updates.
Stopped checking Hive mentions, However read all the comments and replies on Hive.
I manually curate #HIVE Tweets.
I curate mostly LeoFinance community contents.
I’m a Hive Witness.