Day 18 : How do you turn Social Capital to Financial Capital ?

9 days ago
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1. MARS Question (Daily)

Daily questions and community feedback regarding Hive Marketing- Twitter First Approach

2. MARS Update (Weekly)

Starting from the first week of May. Update for our stakeholders how I'm investing & allocating the DAO proposal funds of Community Driven Hive Marketing - Twitter first approach (led my NathanMars ) in community developments.

3. MARS Meet-up (Monthly)

Hosting monthly meet-up on Clubhouse from 1st May. Details coming soon.

4. $MARS Tokenised community will launch this year

5. Mars Notes

  • Thank you Daily Video Tweet.
  • Only focusing on getting massive results from our Twitter marketing.
  • Monthly HP delegation updates to empower the Hive Twitter community.
  • Frequent Twitter Giveaways and Prizes
  • Stopped checking Hive mentions. Read all comments/replies via & Hive.Blog and engage when necessary.
  • I mostly manually curate LeoFinance community contents on Hive.
  • I’m a Hive Witness/block producer because it's important for community leaders like myself to get involved with governance.
  • I focus HIVE Growth and Community Developments.
  • Telegram :
  • Please vote for my DAO Proposal.

Same NathanMars, Different Mindset.