A Healthy Gratitude/Rant Balance Over the Years - A Hive Anniversary Letter to my Followers

Dear Followers, Today is my Steemit/Hive 4th year anniversary, sorry I have to credit Steemit here as it's my first love. But it's no…

A Society In Disarray; A Paradox Of Equanimity. (POB WOTW)

Source I grew up in a society where stress is mostly synonymous to normalcy. Money is seen as a speedster and hence you'll ha

Snort-able Cannabis -Exactly What the Industry DID NOT Need

Just when we seemed to finally be getting over the **"cannabis is a g

🚀To Your Mental Health! You'll Want To Read This

Feeling afraid and stressed? It might be about money, your personal or professional life, the whole pandemic stuff, or even about your…

Baingan Ka Bharta | Mashed Egg Plant | Taste and Health at Its Best | Vegan

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog, today I am very happy to share this recipe in front of Hive Family. This is an amazing recipe with…

Spring Onion Patato : Authentic Indian Cuisine : Tasty Vegan Recipe

Hello people, Welcome to Jojo's Blog, today I have made an amazing vegan dish that everybody should try not because of the nutritious…

It's me, your favorite pineapple :-D

For various reasons, some of which I'm ready to share and some of which I'm not, I've decided to retire the name @whatamidoing. The…

Artisan Perfumes - Crafting scents of Transformation.

Several Years back I got into making my own perfumes. I was introduced to them at an early age, but

Will trolls save the world? - WallStreetBets and the beginning of a new era

Can you feel something changing? It was subtlety growing for the last decade and half and, since then, more and more people have started…

Staying Happy and Having Fun Through the Manifestation Process

So, how have you been? If you answered happy and joyous, you are part of the blessed minority, but read on if it was otherwise. In this…

Reddit: Wall Street nightmare. | What exactly is going on? | ENG-ESP |

By now many will have heard about the financial earthquake that has shaken Wall Street, triggered by a group of Reddit users. But what…

What is The Great Reset and why are economists scared?

The Great Reset A plan conceived by Klaus Martin Schwab, founder and executive president of the World Economic Fo

Lotus Love Challenge, Rituals Wisdom Culture Love

Greetings all, I am hoping last week was the tip of the iceberg for you, and that you will bathe in the realization and expansiveness of…

Zen and the art of trading

The goal of life is not merely to become rich as a trader of cryptocurrency or other assets, but to become self-realized. “Know Thyself”…

5 Business Ideas to Take Advantage of Quarantine | ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #2 | ENG-ESP |

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused a global health crisis and this brings with it consequences in the economic world. So…

Mental Health: Avoiding Financial Stress | Tips | ENG-ESP |

For just over a year, thousands of pages of newspapers and thousands of minutes of television and radio news have presented the economic…

What do you do with a newfound sense of well-being, having wealth at your fingertips?

I’ve spent most of my adult life just barely scraping by, much to the dismay of my stable middle class parents. It’s not that I couldn’t…

How to Buy LOTUS on LEODEX - A Visual Guide for Newbies to Token Buying!

We have a super big apology to make. The last couple of challenges, we've asked you to submit a small entry fee of LOTUS by buying it…

Is a vegan diet the best thing for the environment? | Veganuary 2021 | ENG-ESP |

Meat from Brazil, wines from South Africa, avocados from Mexico and ham from New Zealand: food shopping has a markedly international…

⚠️ Gold Can Be Hazardous To Your Health ⚠️ A Rasta Reasoning 🤔

▶️ Watch on 3Speak A recent broad daylight mugging in front of our room made me want to share with you all a reasoning a