dec404 Season 55 Earnings - 72% Total Return

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Season 55 has come to a close, and here's my earnings report:


At season end, I had $59k of cards working in the dec404 system. I earned 253,169 DEC, which is worth about $242 currently. Over a semi-monthly period that annualizes out to 9.8% yield. I'm happy that I'm moving in the right direction after the very low season 54.

But I realized it's not just cash flow I should be looking at. Total return is important when we have these valuable assets. On the total return front, it's a much different story.

I gained $1728 in market value plus cash flow. That makes the annualized return 72%. Not too shabby even though it's down from the 102% last season.

As market value increases, it's to be expected that yield goes down because that's how ratios work. Still nice to see absolute value of DEC cash flow increasing though.

Total returns are important because the question is always "What else could I be doing with this money?" If I sold the cards, I'd throw it in DeFi. Cash flow would be better, but total return would be lower. So dec404 it is!

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